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Fall is in the air and the nights are filled with the sounds of crickets. 

The sounds of crickets remind me of my Mother who used to tell me that the crickets rub their legs together as the days get colder and the males start looking for the females. A bit of lore and sex all rolled into one Fall lesson.  I always associate the sounds of crickets to end of Summer.

As August closes, the memories of Summer wane. It’s always a bit melancholy; I love the carefree Summer routines of paddle boarding and swims at odd times of day and night. But, I also look forward to getting back to a civilized life! During the Summer, I am catering non-stop. I certainly have more stress and often find myself at more events drinking alcohol, staying up later, getting up earlier, and not eating a balanced diet. Now is the time for me to return balance to my life. I am excited to begin a Fall cleanse, and this year, as many of you know, John Bagnulo and I are offering an online cleanse. 

You may be feeling the same as I this time of year. If so, I hope you will join me in our online group cleanse, the 21 Day Cleanse: a Journey of Renewal. A solid group of attendees has been growing throughout August, and we are excited to get started. This cleanse is all about eating loads of whole foods. We will be eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and drinking plenty of water and herbal teas! Participants receive daily nutritional information, inspiration, and recipes!

I am sharing with you two morning staples that accompany this cleanse, our Warm Ginger Drink and Green Smoothie. The beauty of fall is the opportunity to take advantage of all the fantastic foods available in the coming weeks.

With warmth and gratitude for an abundant season and with anticipation for a balanced September!

Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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