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Culinary Experiences I am listening to the deafening sound of crickets in their last attempt to make sure that plenty of them are here to greet us come spring. Judging from the sound, (as children we believed and it always seemed pretty accurate), if one counts the chirps for 15 seconds and add 37, that is the temperature it is outside. The trouble is when there is more than one, how can one count? So I count cricket temp to be 70 degrees and the thermometer reads 69!

I took a lovely walk on Chappaquiddick this week with Russ Cohen and a group of folks who wanted to know more about edible wild foods.  I am devouring the recipes and notes of our walk and the one I am trying today is the Autumn Olive fruit leather, which my son Oren and I are making. I have always considered this invasive shrub that is located several places on my property, Russian Olive, but Russ said that if the fruitis red, it is Autumn Olive, and my fruit is red. I will post a recipe for fruit leather on the blog. It is simply dehydrated fruit puree. We were invited on a hayride as well, around acres of magnificent lands filled with grapes and Autumn Olive. To watch the kids leap off the wagon and grab handfuls of grapes and Autumn Olive was a delight!

Caitlin at Mermaid Farm is supplying us with buckets of raspberries. Here is a photo taken at her farm stand this week and also my hands gathering Autumn Olive- for those who may be unsure what it is.

For October we have a nice line up of classes:

I am joining Dr. Dardy Slavin and Sherry Sidoti in a seven day Fall cleanse to honor the change of seasons and to clear the body, mind and spirit, allowing us to feel lighter, more energized and deeply connected.  As part of the class,  I will be teaching two cooking classes and sending out daily recipes. We did this cleanse in the spring and for me, the yoga was fantastic! I loved waking my body up with Sherry at the 7am yoga classes.

Lorna Sass Whole Grains Under Pressure
Sadly, we are postponing the whole grains class. Lorna has written many books on vegan cooking. She wrote a book titled Recipes From an Ecological Kitchen back in 1991 and I find it so refreshing. She writes about what I believe: if we eat what is good for our health, it will also be good for the planet. Whole grains, local, organic, minimize processed foods, compost, re-use, avoid plastics, etc… are guides for us to follow in the kitchen. I believe if we are more conscious about these things it can only improve the health of our planet and its inhabitants. We will have her come inthe spring.

Kombucha Making
I currently have three jars on my counter growing mother cultures to give away at the class this Monday. I spotted a glass container at a friend’s house not too long ago and he had the answer to how to grow kombucha and how to dispense it. I had given upon the process when the “mother culture”, from which kombucha grows, got out of control and the containers didn’t work properly! I now have it down and have now been trying various tea additions. So come and learn about this ancient tonic or come and share what you know with the group and we can support eachother!

November with John Bagnulo
Giving Thanks to our Food Sources; Nutrition and Cooking  Nov14 and 15.  For those of you who will be visiting from off-island and are in need of a luxurious bed, we have coordinated a special price with the Hob Knob in Edgartown. The Hob Knob is a 17- room eco boutique hotel with 5 star amenities. The farm breakfast is beyond delicious and the makings are gathered from local farms.

Hob Knob is offering a very special weekend price of $350. per room for Friday night and Saturday night.

Call the Hob Knob 1 800 696 2723  if you are interested in booking a room.


I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. Be sure to check out for last minute experiences.

Happy October!


Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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