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May! The month of purple irises, wisteria, green onions, rhubarb, asparagus, salad greens, and, of course - wild foraging walks in the woods. Everything seems edible, but will I really eat it? Seriously, I have no problem buying dandelion greens, but, will I dig them myself? Everyone seems to be foraging this time of year.

We had a slow food meeting this past week and one of the conversations was about the watercress foraging scene. There is a public water supply that has loads of watercress. Folks have been picking watercress for as long as I have been here (28 years), and the conversation was about the amount people pick. One of our members complained that a couple was walking away with a garbage bag filled with it. She didn’t want to say anything, but felt terrible about it. “How much could they eat?” she asked. Sure enough, I was at my grocery a few days later when the merchant told me that a person had come in earlier in the week with a large amount of local watercress asking him if he wanted to buy it? OUCH! It is an invasive plant, but can we afford to pick that much of it and still have enough for others to collect their dinners?

As we become more aware of the availability of wild foods coming into season, thoughtful collection of our foraged dinners is a must. My recent blog post Foraging for All shares more information and other delicious in-season options for you to find and forage for yourself!

I just bought a box of organic California strawberries and they were delicious. I hate buying food from so far away, but I couldn’t help myself! It won’t be long before we have some on the East Coast. I made a breakfast smoothie out of my strawberries and I’ve added the recipe to my site: Mixed Berry Breakfast Smoothie.

The future brings some exciting healthy adventures:

Join me alongside Sherry Sidoti, Dr. Slavin & Dr. Kopp for the Summer Starter Cleanse - Monday, June 6-Monday June 20 for Detoxifying Yoga, Mindbody Fitness, Healthy Cooking & Detoxification.

John Bagnulo and I will be offering a Five-Day Intensive Detox for Renewal in early October on Martha’s Vineyard and a Metabolic Boot Camp which will be in early February, 2012 in Ojai, California.

I’m ready for peas!


Happy Spring,


Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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