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There are signs of Spring on the Vineyard.

Lambing season is upon us. Clarissa at the Allen Farm was delighted to have three healthy families on Sunday. “After all these years, I still fall apart when I lose a lamb,”  she said to me this morning.  One gets very attached to the survival of these little creatures. I stopped in at Mermaid Farm and helped Allen with a lamb that was one week old and not nursing. He held the mother while I got the lamb to nurse.

After only a few minutes, the lamb stopped and I worried that it hadn’t gotten enough. Allen assured me he would come back out in an hour and try again. I went to bed wondering if I shouldn’t jump up and run over to help Allen again and try to get that lamb to nurse.

And there is big news at Morning Glory Farm. The new farm stand barn has been cleared out and will be transformed for a Farm Wedding on April 30th. Simon Athearn and Robin Hosey are getting married at Morning Glory Farm and they are not only raising their own chickens for the dinner, but they also have two greenhouses full of greens and bok choy. In addition, they will be forcing their asparagus, hoping it will be ready on the 30th along with 500 tulips and 100 hyacinths.

Passover is on the 18th

I am often torn about the foods that are served for Passover and the issue of sustainability. Just because the animal was slaughtered humanely, does not necessarily mean that it was humanely raised, and if I ask a distributor of kosher meats about it, they never have an answer for me, so I am immediately suspicious. I delve deeper into this issue with some surprising and welcome discoveries in my latest blog post Sustainable Jewish Delis? I invite you to read and explore what I have found!

To celebrate Passover this year, I've shared several recipes for you to share at your holiday table:

And with Easter and Passover comes chocolate!

But where does your chocolate come from?

As consumers stock up on chocolate Easter bunnies and Chocolate covered matzo, consider child labor in the production of cocoa. Will your purchases be contaminated by labor exploitation? Look for fair trade! And join the network of folks who are promoting the fair treatment of workers and children on cocoa farms in West Africa:   It's Time To Raise The Bar

April 22 is Earth Day ~ What are you doing?

Well Caitlin Jones at Mermaid Farm wants her kids to offer an air pump to all customers who pull up to the farm stand. There are so many little things we can do that save the earth:

Just by checking your tire pressure, you can save fuel and money. More than a quarter of all cars and nearly one-third of all SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks have under-inflated tires, according to a survey by the Department of Transportation. If every American kept his or her tires properly inflated, we could save 2.8 billion gallons (10.6 billion liters) of gasoline a year.

Our Spring Cleanse is coming up on June 6-20 - you can view the preliminary schedule here - registration information and more details to come!  Most of our Summer Living Local Classes are up on the website, including Cheesemaking, Kimchi & Kombucha, Raw Foods Dinners, and more! 

In addition, I look forward to offering a Martha's Vineyard Fall Cleanse with John Bagnulo (November 7-11), our 2nd Annual Yoga, Cooking, and Music Retreat in Ojai, California with Sherry & Robert Sidoti of FLY Yoga and Tony Khalife (January 30-February 3, 2012), and a new Metabolic Diet and Detox in Ojai with John Bagnulo (February 6-10, 2012).

Although just a few days ago, it was snowing outside my window and I wanted to crawl under the covers and hibernate, instead, I checked the air in my tires and juiced some Spring-dug carrots!

The warmth is coming.

Happy Spring, Easter, and Passover,





Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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