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Summer is here - the island is a flurry of activity. Independence Day is just days away. It is time to get in the water, weed the garden, and dust off the grill if you haven’t already!

There is so much to enjoy from the farms and this week we have premiered our most recent, weather-appropriate spice blend – a dry Harissa spice. We are sprinkling it on fresh dug potatoes or on Mermaid Farm feta. Harissa is typically used as a paste, although our play on the traditional Tunisian flavors is versatile and shelf stable! You can use it as a rub on lamb or beef, or throw it into a favorite braise – or use our recipe for Spicy Harissa BBQ Sauce.

Every week we set up our stand at the West Tisbury Farmer's Market.  You can find us there on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am to 12pm with a table full of spices, our awesome Pantry Bags, and shelf stable goodies! We have started to send out complimentary recipes via email. If you are interested, please sign up.

Every week the farmers’ stands become more and more colorful. There are radishes and bok choy, mustard greens, peas, beans, spinach and ALMOST tomatoes. Soon there will be fennel; it’s just about to be harvested.

One of my favorite Mid-Summer meals happens to be braised fennel, bok choy, and sweet potato. Sweet potatoes need the heat that comes with July, but soon we will see them in abundance. I especially love the sweet potatoes from North Tabor Farm. Their sweet potatoes are the best on the island. Here is a link to my recipe: Braised Fennel, Bok Choy and Sweet Potato.

John Bagnulo and I have been planning a lot for this coming Fall. We are working on our book and now have a dedicated name for our Cooking and Workshop Series:  Dieta Way. We even have a Facebook page now because if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

This October we will be hosting another Metabolic Boot Camp. Our 5-day Cleanse is an interactive and supportive way to understand your body and how it relates to food. We provide daily meals, workshops, and lectures – led by John who is a cunning speaker.

Of course, we are already looking towards next February as well, when we host another two weeks in Costa Rica. There will be two separate one-week sessions, although you are welcome to participate in both! They will each be a little different – one dedicated to Gut Health, and another dedicated to Brain Health. It is quite the experience being surrounded by jungle, especially when you know how thickly the snow is packed back at home!

We have received several testimonials from the past Metabolic Boot Camp and Costa Rica trip that really touched us.  Here are a couple of our favorites:

Spring Metabolic Boot Camp

"I want you to know that week literally changed my life and my family's life as well. I came back and proposed that we all try this new way of eating for the month of May which we have. I bought a Ninja blender and am making smoothies every morning. We are cooking tons of vegetables (not 42 different ones per week but getting close!) and fish and have eliminated grains, dairy, and sugar. It has not been as much of  challenge as I expected and we all feel much better. We've needed a new fridge for ages and buying all the produce prompted the purchase of a new fridge with more space which is fun. All in all you've changed the lives of four people who are far healthier than before. John was an inspirational teacher and I am grateful for his compassion and patience."  ~ Christine, MA

Costa Rica 2013

“My husband and I had one of the best trips of our lives this winter during a retreat in Costa Rica with chef Jan Buhrman and nutritionist John Bagnulo. What stands out as highlights are the community of like-minded people we got to know, the incredible local food prepared and coordinated by Jan, the immersion into nature, and the inspiration we came away with to take our health and nutrition to the next level. Jan organized a relaxing, informative, experiential retreat in one of the most beautiful settings we’ve ever been to. We loved it so much that we’re signing up for two weeks next year!”  ~ Michelle Maclean, Halifax, Nova Scotia

It is always an honor for John and I to hear positive feedback on events we work so hard to prepare. We really believe that a healthy diet and lifestyle is the key to a happy life. That is what Dieta Way has been all about and we have really been enjoying all the work that we do. If you have attended one of our events and would like to share your experience – please do.  We read every email!

Be well, enjoy the sun, the Summer, and stay in touch! Keep an eye out for all the new culinary bliss at Kitchen Porch and Dieta Way.


Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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