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My son went swimming in Vineyard Haven Harbor today - I guess that is a sign of Spring!

Watercress is abundant and it seems to be in every dish I eat these days!  I cooked an entire pot today and couldn’t help but think I was healthier after eating it. 

Super Easy Recipe:

Fill a pot with watercress and fill half the pot with water.  Bring to a boil. Turn off heat and place in blender or food processor. I don’t even use seasonings! 

The seemingly endless list of health benefits that watercress provides include:  

Antioxidants, acts as a diuretic, a digestive aid, a cleansing aid, a cancer fighting necessity, and -bonus- an enhancer of sexual function… the list is quite extensive -

Then there are the nutrients: iron, calcium folic acid, loads of vitamins, etc.

If you ask some locals about watercress, they say, "it’s invasive". 

Others will not share their “secret” spot for picking watercress, but I seem to think that if you spot running water and you follow it long enough, you will find watercress.



This week we are working on recipes for vegans and also recipes for folks with celiac disease.  Naturally, we want to use whole grains and real food.

So here is a thought for you:

We came up with a recipe that we like and as I am writing down the list of ingredients that go into the cookies, I notice eggs are in the recipe! 


The question comes up? Are eggs dairy?

Well, dairy is all about cows, but to some people eggs are dairy. I think it gets confusing simply because in grocery stores, eggs generally share the same shelf with the other dairy products. 

We don’t need to debate the dairy issue.  It does get confusing when working on recipes that we want to keep healthy, yet at the same time, we want a cookie that is dairy free, egg free and gluten free. That's a lot of free!  

Eggs are okay for the celiacs, but not for vegans. Here we have gallon of local raw honey for sweetener, BUT - honey is not vegan!  

I miss the butter! 

We had to Google eggs to answer some of our questions about eggs, and in fact, it turns out that eggs are pareve for our Jewish clients.  But are these cookies Kosher for Passover? 

I want to know - What ever happened to a great old-fashioned cookie with real butter, and real eggs?  That will be next week!  

As for the recipe: 

FREE Buckwheat Oat & Date Cookies

So, now, do we leave the eggs in for a dairy-free muffin?  Yes, but the vegans won’t eat it!

Send us your thoughts and share your vegan and dairy & gluten free recipes!




Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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