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The big news in school lunch is that the frozen food industry has lobbied hard against the USDA recommendations and pizza is now considered a vegetable! Once again, it has proven that food companies own us. I have much to say about this in my post: “Who is Really Feeding Our Schoolchildren?

It is deer season and I see deer everywhere on the move. It is this time of year that I get great satisfaction out of using my commercial kitchen and large walk-in refrigerator, as I open my kitchen to many hunters and farmers who need a place to hang, butcher, and process their meats. More about the process and what we use the meat for is explored further in “Deer Season!”.

Where else but Martha’s Vineyard would over 100 people turn out to a Kale Festival? Cathy Walthers organized a “Kale Off” this past Sunday at Mermaid Farm as a Slow Food MV event. Mermaid Farm has an abundant amount of kale and daikon radishes and in an effort to promote affordable local food, offered a “Kale Off” with loads of information and recipes on kale.  I have posted two of my recipes: Sautéed Tuscan Kale with Garlicky White Beans and Kimchi. The others will be available on the Slow Food website. We all need one cup of cooked dark green leafy vegetables per day and these recipes will inspire you to cook it more often.

I have often said that one can live pretty efficiently by eating local. I am dispelling the myth that local food is expensive. Dinner for under $10:  Kale and White Beans (Kale $2.50, White Beans $1.29, onions garlic and olive oil $2) Add a squash ($3) - Sure beats a $19.00 pizza!

I am collecting greens this week to fill my house. Twenty-four years ago, I gave my husband a holly tree. Every year at this time, I am grateful I did because it gives us the perfect holiday gifts.  Over the years, we have planted many trees that were our Christmas trees, and while there is one that has grown into a monster and blocks the view of the house or of the driveway - depending on your perspective - when I clip from them, I am reminded of all the years of past Christmases.

I am looking forward to the upcoming year of classes and new recipes. I have been working on some very healthy QUICK meals and also some Grab-and-Go meals that are nutrient dense and delicious. 

May your holidays be filled with those you love and delicious food.



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