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Culinary Experiences

It’s still cold and wintery here in New England and I am awaiting the winter thaw.

I assisted John Bagnulo in a “bootcamp” called Spring Deep Clean! We cleansed on raw foods, green drinks, and hiked in the Berkshires where the trails are still covered in snow. John is a mountain climber and it was entertaining trying to keep up!

John is my inspiration for health. John is influenced by Michael Pollan’s research. Michael Pollan showed that the practice of isolating and synthesizing certain nutrients and adding them to food is a marketing ploy.

John takes the confusion out of nutrition. I won’t say what he has to say is easy to understand, as much is scientific, but he has the research to back up what he says.  He makes it all very approachable. John is also very entertaining as well as a terrific teacher. Naturally, he believes in eating foods in their whole state. Although I have been a part of five different courses and workshops with John, I always learn something new. One new thing I learned is that we are most likely deficient in Magnesium if we do not eat beans and greens on a daily basis.

John and I are planning upcoming retreats on the Vineyard, so look for information about these events on my website over the next few weeks. I’m also thinking about the upcoming season and the idea of offering organic fresh squeezed juice at the markets.

Last week in a class, we were reviewing organic practices by the industry.  While many of us believe we are offering our families the best by buying organic, I caution against blindly purchasing a product because of the label that reads “organic”.  I invite you to read my latest blog post where I delve deeper into the process of evaluating products and labels:  “Organic, pastured, or certified humanely-raised?”.

Enough about food! Spring is coming! The Spring Equinox, occurring on March 20th this year, also coincides with the full moon bringing the power of the lunar cycles. The Spring Equinox is the day each year that the earth awakens and welcomes the beginning of new life cycles.  This is the beginning of the growing season. It’s the time to begin germinating seeds, not just those of future plants, but also the seeds of our intentions for the upcoming season.

On Martha’s Vineyard we have been learning about the importance of bees and there are many different groups encouraging folks to become interested in beekeeping. Island Grown Bees is offering a bee school on April 1-3 for $100. We viewed the movies Vanishing of the Bees and learned all about colony collapse which is caused by what else - ? - Chemical pesiticides. Yep! It isn’t only the bees, it is also the butterflies and frogs, but we don’t have such a dependency on their existences, except for their amazing beauty and their ability to question and inspire! 

Upcoming Classes

March 15th:  Cooking For Fun & Pleasure II - Flavors of Persia

March 24th:  Cooking for Fun & Pleasure - Indian Influences and Flavors

Join me as we learn and enjoy a meal together!

On March 18th, 19th, and 20th, we will be providing the food for the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival at the Chilmark Community Center. I love the film festival. All of the films are provoking and thoughtful. One evening we will be serving Indian food and the other night we’ll serve Persian food … still planning and working on the third evening, come and find out!

The garlic is up and the chickens are laying... 

Here's to thawing,


Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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