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I stopped by Mermaid Farm today looking for some squash plants to plant in my garden, and there Caitlin was harvesting yellow squash already!  I had been so discouraged as I was feeling as though I missed the whole growing season!  But Caitlin took me to her compost pile where a volunteer unidentifiable squash plant was growing.  She cut 7 stalks, all which had baby blossoms on them, and said, "here, take these home and cook this and you’ll be happy!" I love Caitlin!  And I loved the sautéed squash stalks with olive oil and onion!  Bob Woodward had also left a bunch of patty pan squash plants at the Mermaid Farm stand to sell, so I bought those as well, and got them in my garden before dusk.  A satisfied day!

I love this time of year at the market - there is so much to catch up on and see who has what for sale!  The West Tisbury Farmer’s Market is full of GREAT goods!

First and foremost: The Grey Barn is selling their milk! For $3.00/quart, you can get fresh pasteurized milk from their belted Dutch cows – a big milestone for our community.

North Tabor Farm has Shiitake mushrooms - read my latest post all about how they are growing them sustainably: North Tabor Farm Shiitake Mushrooms.

7a Foods has podding radishes! That’s a new one for me!  They taste like watermelon radishes.

Morning Glory Farm was selling day-old (imagine that?) strawberries in flats of 24! Perfect for my recipe for Quick Strawberry Jam.  They were also selling their farm fresh rhubarb.

Mermaid Farm has pea shoots and kale. I don’t think there is anything better than pea shoots wilted on top of fresh oysters. Tomatoes! Sun Gold tomatoes at Mermaid Farm!  But look closer - there is peppermint tea and raspberry leaf tea with catnip!  All with the most beautiful hand-drawn label. Precious!

Krishanna Collins is giving out free bok choi with every bouquet purchase!  There were also garlic scapes and herbs by Lisa Fisher.

Down Island Farmer’s Market starts on Tuesday and our Kitchen Porch shelf stable products will be there as well.

We have two new items at the market this week:

Dukkah is a delicious blend of nuts, seeds, and spices. It is based on a traditional Egyptian recipe. We use Hazelnuts, mint, sesame and caraway, spices and herbs. It is typically used as a dip with bread or fresh vegetables, but I slathered it all over our bluefish the other night. I placed the bluefish on the grill, skin side down, then brushed the fillet with olive oil, and sprinkled the dukkah on top. It was so good we dipped our vegetables in it with dinner!  We also have Harissa which is made with hot peppers and caraway seeds - a North African treat that is great on anything you want to add a little kick to!


< Here is my husband Rich selling Dukka and eating a popover at this past week’s market!

Mark Your Calendars: 

Carlo Petrini is coming to Martha’s Vineyard on August 23rd appearing at the Tabernacle.  The following night, there will be a pig roast at Native Earth Teaching Farm.


The traffic is heating up.  It’s easy to get frustrated with people going too fast or too slow or stopping in the middle of the road.  I had a woman bang a u-turn in front of me yesterday!  Not only did I barely miss her, but she almost took out a biker.  I took a deep breath and thought "time to slow down, look both ways and be kind to each other!"

July is here!


Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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