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That quote was going around in my head this morning as I turned my compost pile and came across a cluster of earth worms. It seems impossible that I am turning a compost pile at the beginning of February, as it is normally frozen solid this time of year.  I have been getting great pleasure out of my compost pile these days and I have never spent so much time tending to it.  First, I have a large tumbler that sits up off the ground away from critters. Second, I have a plastic stacking box that is bungee corded tightly closed and third, I have a nice big heap that is good for the chickens to scratch around on.  I oscillate using the three areas and sometimes give each of them a little bit of extra attention. I have been digging holes around the pile, dumping my kitchen scraps (saving some of the good stuff for the chickens), and then putting leaves on top of that, then dirt. I basically do the same for the two other compost containers. When I am feeling really ambitious, I clean out the chicken coop and add that to the pile. It’s such a satisfying job, turning my garbage into nutrients for the garden and thus into our future meals.

It is time to take action against GMO - that would be genetically modified foods - click here to make a difference.

And while we are on the subject of food labels:  Do not be fooled by labels on chicken or eggs labeled free-range or organic. There is nothing like a chicken or an egg from a chicken that is running around eating bugs and worms (omega 3 and 6), soaking up sunshine (Vitamin D), and having a good life! The term “organic”, when it comes to chickens and eggs, simply means that the chicken was fed organic grain. It does not mean that it was outside, running around living the life a chicken was meant to live. This week I plucked and dressed a chicken from my yard that a hawk tried to carry away - my gain, his loss!  I call it Yard Kill.

A friend in Washington DC is a whistle blower and policy analyst at the EPA. He sends me emails everyday.  Today’s correspondence about synthetic methionine in organic poultry production was interesting and utterly annoying.  I include a full account of it in Synthetic Organic?

It’s February and I am wondering if winter is ever coming?

I share all my recent Washington DC food adventures in Sunday Night Suppers - Food for All.  And don't miss this recipe I served with dinner while I was there:  Warm Red Cabbage Salad.

The Living Local Culinary Experiences Classes have been getting posted for the upcoming 2012 season.  I hope you will join us for a class.  If there is a particular something you would love to learn about, please email me and I’ll see what I can do. If I don’t know how to do it, I am interested in knowing about it, and I’ll look into finding someone that can teach both of us!

In March, I am offering two classes to aid in de-cluttering the body.  John Bagnulo and I are offering a weeklong Metabolic Boot Camp beginning March 4th. On March 10th, Slavin Chiropractic, along with Sherry Sidoti and myself are offering a two week Detox Wellness Program.

And so, I am getting through winter with the outdoors; composting and plucking yard kill.

If you can call this winter. 


Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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