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I was driving down Middle Road in Chilmark this week and smelled grapes. I thought it was my imagination, but I smelled them again later in the day. The warmth of the sun (86 degrees yesterday!) brings out the essence of grapes. Although we don’t see the grapes, we do see the vines covering the stone walls and my senses tell me the grapes are there.

The October sky brings a deep blue reflected off the water that is not unlike the Caribbean. I was in the water at Lambert’s Cove Beach yesterday and it was not quite the Caribbean, but refreshing all the same.

My mother would call this weather "Indian Summer". As a child I was read a story that came out of the Chicago Tribune by John McCutcheon called "Injun Summer" (I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago). Indian Summer is technically the first warm spell after the first frost. No frost here yet, but this week was as close as it gets to Injun' Summer.

And it is also a season to reconsider Halloween. I am calling it "Take Over Halloween" - Intrigued?  Read on…

Hunting time is here too. I am overrun by turkeys and considering taking up the sport. Speaking of turkeys, if you haven’t captured one on Music Street, it’s not too late to order your special fence-free turkey from Jefferson at The Good Farm. Jefferson and Andre have been pasturing their turkeys on Music Street in West Tisbury this month and they seem to prefer to be fence-free, as most mornings there is a flock of white turkeys loose and grazing the pavement. These are broad-breasted white turkeys that will be similar to what you are used to at the Thanksgiving table, but they are grass-fed (except when they are grazing Music Street). Slaughtering will take place the weekend prior to Thanksgiving and you can call Jefferson to reserve yours at 714 785 0112 or try you luck in the early a.m. to catch one!

I am excited to be testing new recipes for our Metabolic Boot Camp coming up October 23- 28 in Chilmark. Please consider joining us as it promised to be life transforming!  To entice, I am enclosing a full recipe I just tested – Raw Mineral Soup.

And here is a cooked recipe for squash that is inspired from Italy – Autumn Italian Roasted Butternut Squash.

As we experience chillier mornings and shorter days, take time to relish in the warmth of the moment or colors the days of Fall bring us…


Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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