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Our bees arrived today. We are now beekeepers and we feel ill-equipped. Our son Oliver has been reading and collecting information and equipment on bees all winter. He arrived home from college and a few days later, 4 bee hive boxes - ready to assemble, arrived. Oliver, his dad, and brother worked all weekend assembling and painting them.

Then Oliver decided to take a summer intensive class at school for the entire summer. So off he went back to school and a few days later, our bees arrived! We had no idea what to do or where to begin, but gratefully, we have loads of neighbors who are beekeepers and they have been wonderfully supportive and informative on the beginning operations of bees. The bee suit is thrown over the couch as whoever checks on them adorns the one-size-fits-all suit.  I am enjoying the yard full of bees and am so fascinated by their business!

I have an older hen who is insisting on sleeping on our porch and roosting in the rafters. I have had to retrieve her and put her in the hen house several nights this week. Last night, I must not have noticed, as this morning she followed me to the coop to open the house - there I found a badly mangled hen in the hen house! Seems we have a raccoon who is tormenting them at night and somehow it got in the hen house last night!  Only one was taken, but I know this old hen knows how to take care of herself - and now, I need to pay closer attention to the hen house!

I spotted Meyers lemons the other day in the store and wanted to buy them if they were organically grown and there was no sign of price or quality.  BUT! There was a little PLU code that told me they were organic. The code began with 9 which means the produce is organic… read more about decoding food labels in my latest post PLU – meaning behind the numbers.

The Culinary Experiences Spring Cleanse began this week. We cooked together making two soups, as well as a Fennel, Red Pepper, Chard & Asparagus Salad. I share the recipe here with you as I found it especially refreshing! Join us for Ancient Foods: Kimchi, Kombucha & Sea Vegetables on the 13th of June or our Raw Foods Dinner on the 20th!

John Bagnulo and I will be offering two upcoming workshops:  October on Martha’s Vineyard: Detox for Renewal and February in Ojai California: Metabolic Boot Camp.  More information and sign-up coming soon!

This week we preserved 90 jars of organic lemons and pickled a ton of radishes as we gear up for the farmer’s market.

Finally it feels as though Summer might come!


Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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