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I'm inspired to celebrate the spirit of motherhood this Mother's Day.  Whether you are a mother or not, there is always an element of "mothering" inside all of us.  We are all creators and have something to nurture (including ourselves).  In the spirit of that nurturing, I can breathe in Spring and show my appreciation for Mother Nature and all of her talents on display. 

I am just back from Minnesota where I visited several farms and coops.  I attended the University of Minnesota in the ‘70s and I had not been back since ‘85!

The local food movement is extremely active.  Everywhere I went there was local food available and it was well-marketed.  I visited Lorentz Meats of Cannon Falls and met Mike Lorentz whose family started the business which has been operating since 1967.

Lorentz is the type of facility I dream of having available to use.  They partner with several farms, including a grass-fed beef company called Thousand Hills Cattle Company.  They offer a great model of bringing animals that have had a life of green pastures a humane death.  (I will give the full story in an upcoming blog.)

My visit also included a wonderful afternoon walk through the campus of Carleton College in search of Morels.  Morels are highly sought after and I happened to be visiting at a most opportune time - the peak of the season.  My stay also gave me an opportunity to enjoy a local meal of ramps, asparagus, nettles and pea shoots.

On the catering front:

Our first large catering event will be for the Annual Family Planning Art Show on May 27th.  We look forward to a fabulous event and many more to come as we spring from Spring into Summer.

I am excited about our Culinary Experiences Living Local Classes being offered during the month of May and plans beyond.  Gift Certificates are available which can be used toward any of our classes, custom catered events & meals or tours and workshops.   I invite you to peruse our list of upcoming classes, as well as check out the newest offering:  Kids Custom Party Events.   There will also be classes for kids and families to participate in together - On May 29th, Robert and I are giving the Family Table a local and healthy jumpstart in our first family cooking class - with more to come...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day ~




Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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