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“The urge among men to surrender subway seats must be a little less now that a girl has swum from Battery to Sandy Hook.”
America's Girl: The Incredible Story of How
Swimmer Gertrude Ederle Changed the Nation
UPCOMING EVENTS October 4, 2011
Swim camaraderie on the Little Red Lighthouse course
Ederle Swim course record moves to California
A swimmer's view of the Ederle Swim
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Saturday, May 28
Great Hudson River Swim
Saturday, June 18
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
Friday, June 24
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Saturday, July 9
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Saturday, July 16
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Saturday, July 30
Brooklyn Bridge Swim
Saturday, September 10
Governors Island Swim
Saturday, September 24
Little Red Lighthouse Swim
Sunday, October 2
Ederle Swim
Start of a record-breaking swimIn a year where many marathon-distance swim records were broken around New York City, September 28 has to be the most exciting of all. Six records were set on the 28.5-mile course around Manhattan, lowering the overall record that had stood, seemingly invincible, since Shelley Taylor-Smith set it in 1995. Two swimmers entered the water near the 103rd Street footbridge off Randall's Island Park within 11 minutes of one another and battled against the clock and each other in the Manhattan Island Match Race and Record Attempt.
Rondi Davies, who finished third in the 2008 Manhattan Swima and a veteran of last year's Manhattan record attempt, set off first at just after 2:00 PM EDT. 11 minutes later, Oliver Wilkinson, who took 4th in this year's MIMS, jumped in and started his trek. Adjusting to some of the lingering and unusual tidal aftereffects of Tropical Storm Irene along the course, Rondi and Ollie hardly had time to enjoy the Manhattan sights as they swam past stalled traffic, slogged through chop, and dodged ferries back to 103rd Street. With the city lights sparkling in the background, Rondi arrived at the finish in a time of 5:44:47, breaking the previous record by just under a minute. But the celebration wasn't over, and the clock continued to run as the crowd waited for Ollie to come in. Swimming in to finish at 5:44:02, Oliver Wilkinson became the new overall record holder for the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim!
As the swimmers caught their breath and warmed up, the number of records broken that day became apparent:
Fastest Overall – Oliver Wilkinson, 05:44:02
Fastest Man Overall - Oliver Wilkinson, 05:44:02
Fastest Man non-US - Oliver Wilkinson, 05:44:02
Fastest Woman Overall – Rondi Davies, 05:44:47
Fastest Woman US - Rondi Davies, 05:44:47
Fastest Woman non-US - Rondi Davies, 05:44:47
(Yes, Rondi holds dual citizenship.) It was an amazing feat by two talented swimmers and their hard-working support crews. Keep an eye out for Q&A about their swim in a future Cross Currents. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Moore.)
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NYC Swim is always looking for volunteers (paddlers, powerboaters, monitors, etc.) to help with our events.
What better way to end the 2011 swim series than with another record-setting swim? That's just what we got as Evan Morrison broke the Ederle Swim's Sandy Hook, NJ-to-Manhattan course record with a time of 5:24:53. This was not, however, before Mother Nature mixed things up yet again, as forecasted heavy winds out of the north-northeast and small craft advisory on October 1 caused the swim to be postponed for a day. Luckily, nearly all of the swimmers were able to accommodate the change in dates, and our great network of volunteers both on and off the water rallied to provide the necessary support.

Swimming to Manhattan in 2011 

A morning squall delayed some boats, but eventually all of the swimmers made it down to the Sandy Hook, NJ, start. The swim itself was blessed with mostly sunny skies and water temps in the high 60s. 19 swimmers spread out across the 17.5-mile course, navigating shipping buoys alongside gigantic freighters, and pushed their way northward. However, by the time they got close to the planned South Cove finish, it was clear that a combination of chop, fast currents and debris was going to require a final adjustment for the participants. Finish times were taken at the north end of the cove, then swimmers continued another half-mile up to exit at North Cove Marina.
And what a finish it was, as Evan Morrison, who took third in the 2011 Manhattan Island Swim, smashed the previous course record by more than 40 minutes. Clocking in just over 11 minutes later, Emma Otto-Moudry, one of our standout 19-and-under swimmers, was second overall and the first female to cross the finish.
Congratulations to all of the swimmers in this year's event and our deepest thanks to the boaters, paddlers, race officials and land volunteers who not only arrived in the wee hours of the morning to start this record-setting day, but who also mobilized to ensure positions were covered after the rescheduling. Top male and female finishers are listed below and full results from the event can be found on our website.
Top Male Finishers
1. Evan Morrison, 05:24:53
2. John Humenik, 05:46:03
3. Lance Ogren, 06:03:18
Top Female Finishers
1. Emma Otto-Moudry, 05:36:04
2. Marilee Kiernan, 05:48:10
3. Janet Harris, 05:55:43
You want to swim around Manhattan? That's great! Enrollment for the 2012 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim is coming up in less than a month; here are some things to keep in mind to maximize your chances of successfully being accepted to swim.
The June 23, 2012, event is limited to solo swimmers and 2-person relays; the Manhattan Island Relays event for 4- and 6-person relays, is now scheduled for August 4, 2012, will have its own similar but separate application.
The application process for both events is thorough and time sensitive. Policies and procedures for the 2012 events will be posted on our website next week. In the meantime, we recommend that prospective applicants study the 2011 application policies and procedures to get an idea of what will be required. You may create a profile and start uploading information at any time, although there are some portions of the application that can only be completed once enrollment opens (November 1 for most solo swimmers and two-person relays, or a bit early for Swim Free fund-raisers and frequent participant applicants).
Applicants who have met the qualification requirements prior to enrolling have a greater chance of being accepted, as do applicants who complete the enrollment form quickly and thoroughly. We encourage you to pre-enter as much information as possible before enrollment day.
If you're not ready for a solo trip around Manhattan, we have 2-, 4- and 6-person relay options. Individuals are responsible for putting together their own teams, as we do not match potential teammates, and should organize their teammates well before enrollment opens.
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