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March 2010

Welcome to the March Issue  

This month - Learn about Workplace Inclusion from Cornell
University’s expert Dr. Lisa Nishii, See how Change Leadership
empowers you in your business, Take a step in the right direction for your HR career, Listen to Prof. Frank J. Wayno talk about how project leaders outperform project managers, and read about our latest eLearning awards.

Workplace Diversity to Inclusion webinar

LisaHisaeNishiiAs diversity in the labor force continues to increase, it's more important than ever for HR professionals to understand the conditions under which diversity "works." Toward this end, research and practice have shifted from a focus on diversity to inclusion. In this session, Dr. Lisa Nishii will discuss why research and practice have shifted from a focus on diversity to inclusion.  She will then present a model of organizational inclusion and describe its three primary dimensions:

(1) Fairly implemented employment practices
(2) A work environment/culture that is open to differences
(3) Inclusion in decision-making. 

After discussing how these dimensions interrelate, she will present research findings that attest to the power of creating inclusive organizations.
Participants in this must-see webinar will learn:

  • a model of organizational inclusion
  • three primary dimensions of the model
  • how research findings attest to the power of creating inclusive organizations

To see the archived version of this pre-recorded webinar, please visit HR online.


Human Resources Directors Certification  

I am an HR manager who wants to move up in my career.  I need to meld my years of HR experience with business critical skills that are strategic and relevant. My company is complex and innovative, and I need to be apprised of the financial, operational and executive level facets of a successful business. I chose to take the online HRDC from Cornell University's ILR School and eCornell. Other programs just don’t have what the HRDC has to offer:

  • A name-brand school, one that is recognized as having a top HR program worldwide.
  • A Cornell-certified credential, to be able to put CCHRD after my name and on my resume
  • Access to the best, most recent studies and ideas from the smartest thought leaders in HR.

  • A flexible program that letsallowing me to choose my timeline, whether it takes 4 months or a year and a half to finish the curriculum.
  • A knowledgable mentor in addition to my instructors to work with me throughout the process.
I get all of this and more.  To learn more about how the HRDC can make you stand out from the crowd, visit eCornell.

Spotlight on: Change Leadership

Every day, a leader with a good idea fails in their ability to implement change in their organizations. Most leaders fail because they can't get beyond vision. They rely too heavily on a good idea and a charismatic personality. The courses in the Certificate in Change Leadership series, part of eCornell's High Performance Leadership program, are based on Professor Samuel Bacharach's acclaimed books Get Them on Your Side and Keep Them on Your Side. Proactive leadership is about both getting people and/or groups on your side AND sustaining momentum by keeping them on your side.

The first course in the series, Developing an Agenda for Change focuses on an extremely powerful tool to identify the four spheres of change, recognize where you have control within those spheres and how to define the actions you should take to create your own agenda for change within your workplace.

Best in eLearning - eCornell

eCornell has been named to Training Industry, Inc.'s 2010 list of The Top 20 Leadership Training Companies. The first annual list was assembled by Training Industry's review committee to include companies that have demonstrated experience and excellence in providing leadership training services to a variety of clients.
2010Leadershipsmall.gifeCornell's suite of online Leadership & Strategic Management Certificate Programs has been named "Best Leadership Development Program" at the 2009 Best of eLearning Reader's Choice Awards hosted by eLearning magazine. The winners in 16 categories were announced at the virtual E-Learning! Summit

        "Their method of teaching is very suitable and meets the students at their very point of need. It's also very applicable to the student."

        "This is a brilliantly structured course. It encourages students to use discussion forums very efficiently and it's almost like a live class discussion-even with a diversity of time zones in our class."

        "I have learned a lot from eCornell online classes. It's the best place to take courses and expert advisors are always available when needed to help with questions and answers."

Project Leadership

The most successful project managers are project leaders; they know what it takes to make project or cross-functional teams perform at the highest level and understand that they need to be able to mange the uncertainty inherent in today’s complex projects.

They also know that the true success factors of high-performance project management are the leadership and interpersonal skills enabling them to get team members to work collaboratively and perform at the highest level. Learn more about how project leaders out perform project managers by visiting eCornell.

There's room for you to grow this Spring!

Increased demand for courses has led us to add sessions and seats to many classes starting March 17th and 24th

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Get on board with our First Impressions webcast

Spring will be here before you know it.  Whether you are looking to move up or move into a new career, it’s time to review your resume and make it the tool you need to get the job you want. 


Our resident expert, Lisa Rangel, has recorded an on-demand webinar for job seekers looking for tips on how to make your resume a standout.

To watch, visit us at:

~ First Impressions webinar focused on resume and cover letter writing


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