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February 2010


Become Proactive in your own Talent Development

Talent management refers to the process of developing and integrating new workers, developing and retaining current workers, and attracting highly skilled workers to work for a company.(1)

The issue with many companies today is that their organizations put lots of effort into attracting employees to their company, but spend little time working on retaining and developing talent.  A talent management business strategy includes responsibilities for managers to develop the skills of their immediate subordinates.

eCornell So, what if you take responsibility for your own talent development, not waiting for a supervisor or boss to tell you what to do, you go ahead and do it.  Instead of waiting for a plan to be laid out for you, you create your own plan and take control of your success, focusing on building your talents and skills to drive your (and your company’s) business success.

The emerging research indicates that proactive individuals tend to seek out or create favorable conditions leading to “high performance, leader effectiveness, career success, and organizational innovation.” (2)

eCornell has the tools you need to make this happen:


Thinking about differentiating yourself by getting some leadership skills? You could focus on Project LeadershipChange Leadership, High Performance Leadership or Business Leadership Skills

Need to get specialized skills?  A Systems Approach to Product and Service Design is perfect for people in systems engineering. 

Hospitality professionals can find a range of certificates including Strategic Hospitality Management, Master Certificate in the Essentials of Hospitality Management, and Foodservice related certificates such as Certificate in Foodservice Management, and Master Certificate in Foodservice Management

Take the initiative, be a proactive player and get the skills you need to make a difference!

(1)    Wikipedia
(2)    UPenn/Singapore University study

Spotlight on: Foodservice Management

The biggest challenges facing the Foodservice industry in the next year was the subject of a recent talk by Ann McNally, president of FSM. 

  • The overall economic impact to operations: more reductions in workforce and an increase in employees being asked to work from home. This places stress on many levels of operations’ participation. The drop in participation can drastically impact the bottom line unless operations managers’ are able to offset the decline with alternative and original sales.
  • External competition: Customers are conserving money, the customer base has decreased, meaning that operators are all vying for more of the same consumers. We need to continuously seek out new and innovative ways to obtain and keep their loyalty to our brand.
  • Customers: Work stress and limited time: food and meals should be one time during the day where we strive to impact customers positively. Whether we market a small quick meal, a desktop delivered meal or a normal café meal, serving them with the highest level of friendly service can significantly make their day better. It is paramount for our industry to truly embrace this thinking.

eCornell certificates specifically address and help solve these issues.  Foodservice Management addresses these on an operational level, Master Certificate in Foodservice Management takes a director-level approach. 

Note: eCornell courses can be used to satisfy requirements for on-campus Professional Development Program certificates as well as online Foodservice Management certificates. Two online courses (15 hours of instruction per course) are equal to one on-campus course (30 hours of instruction per course).

Listening and Responding

HRGCWe heard you.  You told us that the HR Graduate Certificate (HRGC) had a lot of great and interesting features: rich content, more diverse teaching methods and an opportunity to work one on one with a mentor for a portfolio, but the price was prohibitive.  Now, we’re responding with a new price, more in line with what you find acceptable. 

Formerly $10,800 prepaid, the HRGC is now $8,100 prepaid, with payment plans available.  Why did we do this?  Because we believe the value of this new for credit course is enhanced when as many people as possible can afford it. 

So get on board and apply now for this new innovative for-credit certificate.

To learn more about the HRGC, please visit eCornell.

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There's room for you to grow in 2010!

Increased demand for courses has led us to add sessions and seats to many classes starting February 17th and 24th

Cornell University Online Certificates

~ Master Certificate in the Essentials of Hospitality Management
~ Master Certificate in Foodservice Management
~ Hotel Revenue Management
~ Strategic Hospitality Management
~ Foodservice Management
~ Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management
~ Hospitality Marketing


Get on board with our First Impressions webcast

New Year, new you.  Whether you are looking to move up or move into a new career, it’s time to review your resume and make it the tool you need to get the job you want. 


Our resident expert, Lisa Rangel, has recorded an on-demand webinar for job seekers looking for tips on how to make your resume a standout.

To watch, visit us at:

~ First Impressions webinar focused on resume and cover letter writing

Convenient Payment Plans Available

~ Everyone qualifies

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~ Group rates are available

Enrolling with a payment plan is easy. Simply contact Lisa Hatfield to learn more and get started. 


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