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Welcome to the May Issue

This month we get up-close-and-personal with student perspectives on what it’s like to be in an eCornell program. Hear from a student blogging about her pursuit of a Project Leadership Certificate and from an HR pro video blogging about her HR Directors Certification experience. Plus, get connected with our upcoming networking webinar!

Spotlight On: Project Leadership

Kathleen Lisson, a Project Manager for the New York State Assembly in Albany, NY created a blog about her experience pursuing eCornell’s Project Leadership Certificate at We spoke to Kathleen about blogging, managing and how people learn.
What made you decide to do a blog about your eCornell learning experience?

“Blogging is the tool I use to organize my thoughts. Back in the day, we used to have notebooks and diligently copied down what the teacher had to say. We’d write out the material and work on learning it. Blogging is the 21st century’s version of taking notes: organizing my thoughts in a way that lives. I can go back and review, get feedback from others and share my ideas and thoughts with fellow students and future students, too. If I can help other people while increasing my own understanding, all the better.”

Why did you choose eCornell?

Flexibility is essential in successful education for any modern student. Some days I work 10 hours, and that won’t fit with a traditional classroom model.

Time is of the essence, and time is at a premium for me. I knew that Cornell would have the top teaching available, and eCornell would design these courses for the busy professional. I’m very pleased with the quality of the information. There’s no waste. No modules that I have not learned something from. My time is well spent.”

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Executive Leadership: More Comprehensive, More Powerful

Starting now you can enroll in eCornell’s updated Executive Leadership Certificate. This certificate has been enhanced with the addition of two courses: Unlocking your Leadership Potential and Overcoming Challenges to Leaders and Their Teams. If you’re looking for a leadership program that emphasizes personal growth and the acquisition of powerful tools for challenge management, this is it.

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Video Blog: The HR Directors Certification

Dawn Ibbott, an HR Manager for a law firm in Washington, DC, is keeping a weekly video blog about her Human Resource Director’s Certificate (HRDC) experience. We spoke with her about her about her blog, choosing eCornell, and how we use negotiation skills more than we realize.
What made you choose eCornell and the HRDC?

It’s interesting actually. l was looking for a masters’ degree or an advanced HR certification, and I realized that I wanted something online. Online is convenient, and the HRDC was a program that I could customize to focus on strategy and employee relations. I found most graduate programs to be theoretical, but I didn’t need that. I needed practical strategic thinking skills to go from a manager to a leader. When I spoke to an enrollment counselor and learned more about the program structure with the portfolio, I saw immediately how I could apply what I was learning to my work everyday.

eCornell…the name automatically brings a level of credibility, which was a big driver for me, and I can get graduate credit for my work in case I decide to continue in a master’s program. I like the detail of the components. The flexibility and the tracks were exactly what I was looking for. The material is unique. You don’t normally take a course in grad school called “Mapping the Political Terrain of Allies and Resistors,” but this is stuff we use in HR and in our lives everyday. In the “Managing for Execution” course, you learn about negotiating. We negotiate all the time, whether it’s procuring an ergonomically designed chair for someone, negotiating for more staff, or creating a large vendor contract. These skills are valuable and necessary to perform HR functions well.

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