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Welcome to the August Issue

This month, read about going “green”, hotel real-estate trends, developing new skills in a wide variety of areas and see the benefits of online learning from an outside point-of–view. 

When going “green” gets you more greenbacks

gogreenA study in Taiwan reported by Cornell Hospitality Quarterly has found that patrons would be willing to pay more for restaurant food if they knew that the restaurant was using “green” practices. Although this study was based on people’s opinions and not actions, this encourages restaurants to advertise their efforts towards sustainability. As the world moves forward, people are attracted to green practices, and this is a way to appeal to customers and turn a profit.

Spotlight on Restaurant Revenue Management

Foodservice professionals from hotels, chain and independent restaurants, and other hospitality outlets looking to increase profits and advance their careers should consider our new Restaurant Revenue Management Certificate.

Developed with renowned revenue management expert and Cornell faculty member, Dr. Sheryl Kimes, it explains critical restaurant revenue management concepts and describes how to apply them in the hospitality industry.

Study analyzes the explosion of hotel mergers and acquisitions

An analysis done by Cornell University professors has examined the rush of lodging mergers and acquisitions from 2004 to 2007. This analysis has shed light on the characteristics of companies that are most likely to be taken over. While the mergers and acquisitions are stalled because of the credit crisis, this analysis allows investors and owners an inside look into possible outcomes in the future of the hospitality business.  

Interested in learning more about Real Estate Investments and Asset Management? Check out our new certificate online.

Links to online learning articles

ArticlesAn extensive list of benefits of e-learning, this article provides many reasons for someone to engage in an e-learning experience. As learning in person gets more expensive and time consuming, e-learning provides the perfect outlet to save money, time and still get a quality learning experience.

While traditional learning has proven benefits, E-learning provides a new and reoccurring outlet for a student to learn, with infinite access to resources. This article details all the reasons someone should at least venture into the e-learning field.

Personal Development from eCornell

personal_developmentCornell and eCornell offer professional development in many fields. Cornell also has many courses for personal interest that are equally engaging and worthy of the Cornell experience. That is why eCornell has partnered with Cornell to provide two online personal development experiences: Courtship and Rivalry in Birds and Plant Based Nutrition.

Learn more about how you can take advantage of these interesting topics to improve your health and overall quality of life. 


Why Choose eCornell?

Resume credential with worldwide recognition.  Top-ranked academic programs and faculty content.  Alumni Network.

Read and find out why choosing eCornell to advance your professional development needs is the right choice.  

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There's room for you to grow this Summer!

Increased demand for courses has led us to add sessions and seats to many classes starting August 18th and September 1st

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