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ingo, $75 of power! ($75 turns to $225, whoa!)  It's so necessary and consummately appreciated (can't wait to give you props for helping us acquire props!
 snowflake See below for a key to the proud near-historic accumulation above snowflake 3).

Going for $25,000 for
25star years!

  snowflake 3   What's with the props?  We put endless energy into a producing a show, then it all comes down in a day.  Sometimes after strike we find something in all the detritus we just can't throw away.  At some point (early 2000s?) all those somethings seemed to start collecting (and collecting dust) on or around this cabinet in our office.  Bit of a trip through memory lane for us!  What do you recognize? snowflake 3
Too much task for the end of the year?  Here's a key, left to right: umbrella, The Beauty Inside by Catherine Filloux, directed by Kay Matschullat, 2005; gravity-defying martini glasses, God's Ear by Jenny Schwartz, directed by Anne Kauffman, 2007; Girl Scout sash, Commedia Dell Smartass by Sonya Sobieski, directed by Jean Randich, 2005; wig stand, The Right Way to Sue by Ellen Melaver, directed by Anne Kauffman, 2001; hat, New Georges Manfest, 2004; shinguard, Heartbreak by/directed by Ariel Stess, 2015; distressed candle, Creature by Heidi Schreck, directed by Leigh Silverman, 2009; Off can, Motel Cherry by Peggy Stafford, directed by Meghan Finn, 2012; bong, Stretch (a fantasia) by Susan Bernfield, music by Rachel Peters, directed by Emma Griffin, 2008; Go Around sign, AliceGraceAnon by Kara Lee Corthron, directed by Kara Lynn Vaeni, 2012; antlers, The Germ Project/This is Not Antigone by Kathryn Walat, directed by Portia Krieger, 2011; kitchen phone, Milk by Emily DeVoti, directed by Jessica Bauman, 2010; vintage radio, Nightlands by Sylvan Oswald, directed by Tamilla Woodard, 2011; gold-plated plexi panel, rep set for Anna Bella Eema by Lisa D'Amour, directed by Katie Pearl/belly: three shorts by Alva Rogers, directed by Julia Whitworth, 2003; brick-painted panel behind it, Dead City by Sheila Callaghan, directed by Daniella Topol, 2006; "The Car Accident," How to Get Into Buildings by Trish Harnetiaux, directed by Katherine Brook, 2015; goddess harp and The Starr Report, Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy with a (Somewhat) Happy Ending by Wendy Weiner, directed by Julie Kramer, 2008; "Rebecca," The Vaults by Caroline V. McGraw, directed by Portia Krieger, 2014; D&D die, Goldor $ Mythyka: A Hero is Born by Lynn Rosen, directed by Shana Gold, 2013; basketball, Three Seconds in the Key by Deb Margolin, directed by Alexandra Aron, 2004; Florida license plate, Self Defense by Carson Kreitzer, directed by Randy White, 2002; Kenya map, Primal Play by Krista Knight, directed by Jess Chayes, 2014; (framed poster: Trapped Daylight, 1993); glass butterfly, Motel Cherry; microphone cluster, Self Defense; mud boots, Imagining Shadows by Juliann France, directed by Jessica Bauman, 2000; mini-VW Bug, None of the Above by Jenny Lyn Bader, directed by Julie Kramer, 2003; "Angela Davis An Autobiography," Angela's Mixtape by Eisa Davis, directed by Liesl Tommy, 2009; Holly's lunchbox, Goldor $ Mythyka.  

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New Georges invests in artists (who are women)
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exuberantly theatrical new plays.

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