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"In Business to Help Make a Difference"
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This summer we reverted back to the company tag line we had when I first started the company; "In Business to Help Make a Difference." We had some very well intended marketing companies come up with others such as:
  • Sharpen the Focus, Secure the Results
  • Custom Solutions Through Enterprise Fitness
And we had several others over the last nearly three decades. The original slogan just seemed to fit better with who we are and what we do. As a company and as individuals we are like everyone else - we want to help make things better and leave some sort of legacy. How do you do that? 

Last Sunday we had a guest preacher, Pastor Tommy Barnett who outlined ten steps that might be helpful to ponder. Here they are:

  1. Maintain a sense of humor. People that do not laugh a lot take themselves too serious. It is important to take what you do serious, but not yourself. You are not going to be here that long and when you are gone not that many people are going to miss you in the long run. Might as well laugh and have some fun. 
  2. Have a compelling dream. How do you know whether or not it is compelling? Pastor Barnett suggested that if you cannot let it go and if it is bigger than you that should qualify. Will the dream outlast you? 
  3. Make every day a masterpiece. This week a small group of men met at Heritage House Coffee and Tea in Northport, Alabama to discuss these ten items. We spent a long time on this one with me doing most of the talking. I am a planning zealot. You stand an 85% better chance of having something actually happen if you write it down and plan it. The only thing you have is time - specifically, this moment. You are not guaranteed tomorrow and yesterday is gone. 
  4. Enjoy the journey. Find joy in the current situation and look for the good. 
  5. Whatever it is that you want out of life - give it away. Think about that one for a while. 
  6. Serve your generation.
  7. Enlarge your sphere of influence. Go engage - accept the invitation, go to the convention, meet the new neighbor. 
  8. Never catch up with your dream.
  9. Do the unusual - take a risk. In one of the books I have read recently they interviewed people over the age of 95 and asked them what their biggest regret was. The overwhelming response is they said they wished they had taken more risks.
  10. Visualize the finish line. What does victory look like?
We have updated our website and you can now purchase our books directly from the site. 


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