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Perception is defined as a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. Think about the perception you have of your boss, your co-worker, your neighbor. If we were to ask your boss how they perceive themselves, would their perceptions match yours?


We all have an image of ourselves. I like to think that I come across as outgoing, enthusiastic, and charming. As I have grown and learned over the years, I am going to come across quite differently if I am stressed, overly tired, and juggling too many balls in the air. I have also learned I probably would not like to hear how others perceive me when that happens.


Reggie, my 110 pound German Shepherd, gave others the perception that he was a vicious killer. The breed in general, along with several others, gets a bad rap. Very large in stature, I never thought twice about leaving my truck running while running into the store with him in it. Nobody was dumb enough to get close enough to the vehicle, much less get in it and drive away.


Restaurants are a part of everyday life for most of us. It relieves us from having to grocery shop and then take the time to cook a meal. Every restaurant has a process and flow, just like most of your organizations. They have a full staff: hostesses, servers, bartenders, food runners, bus boys, bar backs, and cooks. Much like you have shift leaders, machine operators, and welders.


Now bear with me, I have a point. Let’s just say for the sake of the story that someone in the back of the house of the local bar and grill messed up and forgot to defrost the chicken breasts. The cooks on the line are doing their best to get that chicken out, but it is simply taking too long. The majority of the customers are going to blame the server for not doing their job properly, likely not taking into consideration that it is completely out of their control. Therefore you now have a perception of that server and the restaurant as a whole.


Now, one of your vendors failed at getting you the proper steel rolls. You are doing your absolute best to try and rectify this situation to the best of your ability to get your customers what they need. How much stress is it going to cause you to try and make this right, and what characteristics will your staff see while you are juggling things trying to make it right?


It is very easy to say you see yourself as considerate, thoughtful, and dependable. It may be a little difficult to say that under moderate pressure you are hesitant, inflexible, and unconcerned. It is probably very difficult to admit under extreme pressure you are stubborn, detached, and insensitive.


Our new leadership assessment gives a lot of insight about who you are and how others perceive you. This tool allows you to see how others view you in different situations and how you can adapt your behavior to avoid that. Being aware of your situation will let you determine how others will see you. Do you need a refresher? I went through my assessment again recently and got a wake-up call on some items I need to take action on. We are still using the same product, however, it has “grown” over the last year and there is so much valuable information to learn. I would love to talk to you about it.


Reggie came across as a big scary dog. As a single gal, that is exactly what I wanted. In actuality he was a giant bundle of love. Upon meeting you he would promptly rub across you like a cat and try and sit in your lap. Sadly, Reggie passed away last month. So many people have told me that he changed their perception of German Shepherds. Several people told me he was the sweetest they had ever met.


Give us a call to discuss the new assessment, (205) 759-8259. And go hug your dog.



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