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Tis the Season for Planning
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Would you like to get more accomplished in 2017?  If you currently do not do any annual planning then start the process. You will get more done.  If you are already thrilled with your process then go read something else right now as this is not going to do you any good.

Advent is an excellent time to start pondering your 2017 so by the time you get to January 1, you have a lot more to go on other than some last minute resolutions to eat less, exercise more and call Aunt Suzy once per month. 

This is the first week of Advent – it is a time of visioning things being better.  In the church that would be a healed world and to notice where God is bringing well-being, peace and justice. 

For your company and for you personally, it is the same thing – “what does a better company or a better me look like?”

I will share with you things that I try and accomplish which may or may not be helpful.

I consider this a time of discernment.  I have an overall life mission statement and I take this time to ponder what legacy I want to leave.  Part of the information I use is my behavior profile and spiritual gifts assessment and what opportunities I have in front of me.  Many times pondering on those evokes some sort of vision.  I always have a pen and paper nearby so I can capture those thoughts. 

I use a lot of what I learned in Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.  I identify roles in my life.  Here are the roles or positions of influence I have defined for myself:

1.     Husband and father
2.     CEO of Chesapeake Consulting
3.     Various boards I serve on.
4.     Neighbor/friend/mentor (in the friend and mentor part I          name specific people)
5.     Writer of books and articles
6.     Semi dog training expert and that community.
7.     Several small groups I participate in.
8.     Church Member

I ponder where I am currently in each of those roles and I vision what improvement might look like.  What can I do to benefit others in those roles? 

I also look at the four areas that Covey refers to as “renewal” which are spiritual, physical, mental and social.  I ponder where I am in each of these areas and what an “improved John” might look like.

I am going to stop here for now and let you digest this.  I will continue this series until we kick off 2017.

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!



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