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May 2004 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter features an article recently published in Executive Excellence Magazine. The article provides an overview on how to achieve business goals by developing and implementing a workforce or talent strategy designed to maximize the effectiveness of people. We have also included, upon request, a partial list of recent client projects that may be of interest.

Achieve competitive advantage.

By Carol Bergeron

Do you lose sleep over less than stellar business performance? Do you feel compelled to shift your strategy due to fierce competition or a merger or acquisition? As the economy rebounds, do you wonder how you’ll deliver results after downsizing? Do you sense something is impeding progress, but you just can’t put your finger on it?

Many leaders have similar concerns. But the real question is: Will you proactively address your concerns? Your success in improving sales, market share, and shareholder returns lies in how well you align your people with the business vision, goals and strategy. Your talent strategy should be developed and implemented in connection with your business strategy, integrated into operations, and reviewed and refined frequently. Developing and implementing a talent strategy is an art. 

I see three phases to alignment:

  1. Create the talent strategy and action plan. 
  2. Put the action plan into place. 
  3. Measure performance outcomes. 
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At Bergeron Associates , we reach out to people who recognize that purposeful talent investment and management are critical to sustaining competitive advantage. Here is a partial list of recent client projects you may find of interest. 

Talent Strategy for Competitive Advantage

We designed a practical methodology to help leaders align their people with business strategy. The methodology is learned through interactive workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions with designated talent strategists or through a series of facilitated working sessions with intact project teams.

Talent Strategy & Solutions
Working collaboratively with the board of a non-profit association, we developed a talent strategy as a basis for growing membership. We implemented an infrastructure to provide basic services efficiently. We designed and administered a survey to identify member expectations and piloted several new programs based on survey results. This summer we will orchestrate a retreat to fully develop and implement initiatives, including succession planning and a mentoring / coaching program, designed to attract and retain members.

Dynamic Coaching for High-Performance Organizations
To enhance the coaching skills of managers we designed and delivered a series of interactive workshops. The goal was to better prepare managers to develop their employees through real-time coaching resulting in improved individual and team performance. Coaching, a fundamental skill to any managerial and supervisory training curriculum, works best when group learning sessions are coupled with 360 degree feedback and several one-on-one coaching sessions with each participant.

Talent Solutions
We have worked with several companies in establishing and revising their foundation of people practices that reflect the organization’s values and are labor law compliant. Sample deliverables include: a base line of employment practices, new hire assimilation, performance management system, training assessment and curriculum design, upgraded benefits portfolio, compensation structures, turnover analysis and an exit interview process.

Talent Zone Analysis™
Using our basic framework, we worked with business leaders to minimize the risk associated with selecting and implementing long term site investments for domestic and international locations. Motivations for pursuing new sites included the desire to access new markets, reduce costs or access different labor markets.

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Additional resources you may find of interest:

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Resource for Organizational Effectiveness Information
We publish articles and an electronic newsletter filled with practical tips on how to enhance the performance of people and organizations.


Bergeron Associates™ helps organizations achieve their business goals by maximizing workforce effectiveness through the development and implementation of customized talent strategies and solutions.

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