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August 2006 Newsletter

This issue includes:
  • Article - Recruiting Checklist: To Attract the Best and the Brightest
  • Wanted - Participants in Enterprise Performance Management Study (now through August 25th!)


By Carol Bergeron

Your organization’s ability to achieve goals is dependent upon people and their motivation, knowledge, skills, abilities and capabilities. The first step to assembling the best team starts with recruiting its members. Often recruiting is the first exposure top talent has to your organization and you have to candidates. First impressions count.

Through the eyes of the best and brightest, what are they looking for? They seek employment opportunities where leaders know what they want, responsibilities are challenging yet realistic, co-workers are talented and highly motivated, tools are kept current, the environment is conducive to getting good work done and people are respected and rewarded for their contributions. Astute candidates pick up on all these factors through your recruiting and selection process.


How does your recruiting stack up? Use these questions as a checklist to determine if your recruiting practices help or hurt your efforts to attract top talent. Continue the practices where you excel. Improve others. Not sure how well you are doing? Ask your most recent new hires.


  1. Can you articulate the job for which you are recruiting in terms of expected outcomes, daily responsibilities, projects, required knowledge, skills and capabilities to get the job done? Be realistic about the good, the bad and the ugly. Know what you want.
  2. What you are looking for in terms of best fit for the organization? Know what works.
  3. Do you engage co-workers, and people with whom the new hire will regularly interact, in the recruiting process? Do they have similar expectations of the job, how to measure success and organizational fit. Get everyone on the same page before you start interviewing.
  4. Have you identified key questions to ask candidates to assess all the above? Get prepared.
  5. Do you understand the compelling reasons why people choose to join and stay with your firm? Market the value proposition you offer new hires.
  6. Have you mapped out a timeline so the new hire is on your payroll when importantwork needs to get done? Stay on track by creating a timeline.
  7. Are your firm’s touch points with candidates professional, friendly and effective? Consider: responding to inquiries on employment, scheduling interviews, being greeted for interviews, the interviews themselves.
  8. Are you assessing candidates with input from all sources engaged in the process? (interviewers, assessment tools, reference checks) If not then reevaluate the inputs and continue the effective ones.  Consult all inputs engaged in the process, otherwise don’t use them.
  9. Do you promptly follow-up on next steps communicated to candidates? Follow-though may make or break your recruiting efforts. The biggest gripe among top candidates? After interviewing, they never hear back, or it takes much longer than they were led to believe, as to their status as a qualified candidate. From the candidate’s standpoint, prompt follow-through is reflective of leadership that has its act together. As candidates are screened out be honest with them so you can both move forward.
  10. Do you stay true to your compensation philosophy when extending offers of employment? Pay competitively for the job.
Hiring top talent is no time for bargain hunting. It can be tempting to offer a less than competitive package to an unemployed candidate or one who does not have the exact experience you are targeting. Resist the temptation. Failing to give credit for transferable skills and experience could mean you forfeit creative solutions by people who are unencumbered by “that’s the way we have always done it.” Qualified new hires who settle, perhaps to pay the bills in the short term, are likely to continue their search. That could result in unwanted, costly turnover for you.  


Participate now through August 25th !

Now through Friday, August 25th you are invited to participate in a study being conducted by Bergeron Associates and Insight Management Group on Enterprise Performance Management. Participants receive a complimentary copy of the results and the information provided remains confidential. We want to hear about the practices you know are highly effective in leading an organization to achieve its goals. We also want to understand your greatest challenges. Participate via one-on-one interview or through our on-line survey which takes about 20 minutes to complete. For an interview call Carol Bergeron at 781-376-4071. 


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