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  Stay tuned for more poll questions on leadership development and succession plannLast month we polled our readers on which approach to on-the-job training has been most effective in preparing leaders for greater responsibility. The results are in:

  • 50% expanded scope of current responsibilities
  • 38% broadened range of experiences
  • 13% job change (i.e. promotion, transfer, job rotation)

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Q: Which group oriented learning approach has been the most effective in preparing leaders for greater responsibility?

  • Cross functional project teams
  • Assignments with high visibility among executives
  • Workshops .......

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Stay tuned for more poll questions on leadership development and succession planning!

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I will serve as a panelist at the upcoming WPIVF.
Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 6:30-8:30pm, Worcester, MA
Panelist: Managing Today's Workforce, Case: Cangrade 
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Refresher on Recruiting Top Talent                 by Carol BergeronCarol Photo 2004 smallest 2

Your organization’s ability to achieve its goals depends on your people. So, as a leader one of your most important responsibilities is to recruit great people! And now that the job market is opening up a bit, remember, when you have the luxury of recruiting a new hire first impressions count.
How does your approach to recruiting stack up? Use these questions as a checklist to determine if your recruiting practices help or hurt your efforts to attract top talent. Continue the practices where you excel. Improve others. Not sure how well you are doing? Ask your most recent new hires.
Know what you want. Have you articulated the job opening in terms of expected outcomes, daily responsibilities, projects and the knowledge, know-how, abilities and skills to be successful?
Know what styles work best in your organization. With whom will the new hire work? What leadership and interpersonal styles work best with them? Consider approaches to decision making, conflict resolution and change management.
Get everyone onto the same page. Do your interviewers have similar expectations of the job?  
Prepare. Have you crafted behavioral interview questions for use with all candidates so that you can methodically assess the above? Are roles and responsibilities in the recruiting process clear?
Market your employee value proposition. Do you understand the compelling reasons why people choose to join and stay with your firm so you can speak to them in the interview?
Tip: The best and brightest are looking for opportunities where leaders know what they want, responsibilities are challenging yet realistic, co-workers are talented and highly motivated, tools are kept current, the environment is conducive to getting good work done, people are respected and rewarded for their contributions and professional development supported. Astute job seekers pick up on all these factors through your recruiting process. They are evaluating you just as you are evaluating them!
Are your firm’s touch points with candidates professional, friendly, effective and timely?
Consider all inputs used in screening for the most qualified candidates when making your hiring decision. Decrease the risk of making a hiring mistake by reviewing all data points such as: resume screen, phone screen, interviews, demonstrations, testing, reference checks, background checks, etc.
True, the repeatable, evidence based approach I advocate requires a fair amount of upfront planning. The payoff is it yields better hiring decisions. Still skeptical? Try it out. Besides, wouldn’t you rather spend a little more time planning so that you hire the right person than having to manage the exit of a hiring mistake?


About Bergeron Associates 

Founded in 1998, Bergeron Associates™ helps people in midmarket companies realize their business goals.

Our approaches to talent management are practical, grounded in business goals and designed collaboratively to maximize organizational fit and commitment.

We provide consulting, project management, training, facilitation and coaching services that result in attracting, engaging and retaining top talent more easily so that organizational goals can be achieved.

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*  Strategic Human Resources

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