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December 2004 Newsletter

Welcome to the December 2004 edition of Bergeron Associates™ newsletter. Anticipating the need for creating presence in a different geographic location? This month’s newsletter provides you a framework for making site selection decisions and was recently published in the 2005 Handbook of Business Strategy.


This time of year is magical, crazy and undoubtedly hectic. Be sure to make time to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the company of family, friends and colleagues. To my readers and clients, thanks for placing your trust in us and best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!


By Carol Bergeron

Since running a business within the confines of a region or country specific economy is too limiting for many organizations today, those determined to thrive find themselves frequently considering new sites from which to conduct their operations, or a subset of their operations. There are a host of reasons, but the most common ones include the desire to establish presence in and access to new markets; tap into labor markets that meet talent requirements in terms of quantity and quality of the workforce; lower the cost of doing business; or even a combination of such reasons.


The actual methods for creating a presence elsewhere often involve make-or-buy decisions. Questions such as these dominate site selection deliberations: Should we create presence elsewhere by establishing our own operation? Or are we better off buying an existing one?  Thus mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances become options worthy of consideration.

What’s the best approach for answering these questions in a way that sets the company off on the right course? Consider using the following approach to new site selection. It emphasizes setting up your own operation whether domestic or international:

  • Recognize organizational needs
  • Create a charter
  • Assemble the team
  • Plan the work 
  • Work the plan
  • Evaluate the experience 

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