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Achieving impact in multi-actor settings requires expertise on how to create a collaborative field. Our proven methodology and a common language for complex collaborative change empowers people across institutions, stakeholder groups and societal sectors to make change happen faster. Results are more easily achieved and become more resilient.

Scaling up collaboration skills is the Collective Leadership Institute’s passion. We partner with organisations, leaders, change agents, networks and multi-stakeholder action groups who are
driving a paradigm shift towards sustainability. We are helping to drive a global agenda which shows that the quality of collaboration has a direct impact on results on the ground.

This newsletter focusses on how the Collective Leadership Institute creates impact.



Spot collaborative and collective solutions by
participating in one of our
open courses:

The Art of Leading Collectively
26 - 28 October | Germany (3 places left)
The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 1
27 - 30 October | South Africa
(5 places left)
10 - 13 November | Cambodia
1- 4 December | Germany

The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 2
17 - 20 November | Cambodia
The Art of Dialogue
7 - 10 December | Germany

Young Leaders for Sustainability
4 modules, Oct 2015 - Jun 2016 | Germany (Last Call)

The above-listed open courses can also be adapted to your specific context and challenges in a tailor made format. This tailored approach is especially impactful for diverse teams of issue-based stakeholders seeking to shift their environmental, social and/or economic reality toward a shared vision of the future.

8 Proven Ways to Scale up Collaboration Skills Globally


'The Art of Leading Collectively' -
New book by Petra Kuenkel




 PK Buch Cover 2 

Learn more about the options that you have to empower people to address complex challenges in collaboration. Read about eight ways for your organisation to create issue-based collaboration that delivers resilient results and impact - with help of the Collective Leadership Academy, Transformation Support and Network Building.


How to scale up collaboration skills globally to achieve sustainability and social change is one of the key questions that Petra Kuenkel addresses in her forthcoming book 'The Art of Leading Collectively - Co-Creating a Sustainable, Socially Just Future' with foreword by Ernst Ulrich von Weizsaecker. The book serves as a guide to collaborative impact for leaders in industry, government, and social change networks. You can preorder the book here >>

The Partnering Alliance - Our Contribution For Impact


A Water Forum In Kairouan/Tunisia

Impact2 2



Together with the Partnering Initiative, we have founded The Partnering Alliance (TPA), which intends to develop open source best practice reference standards for collaboration that can be widely adopted by all sectors of society. We aim to instill a shared partnering language and approach that will provide an essential boost to scaling up the effectiveness and impact of cross-sectoral collaboration worldwide.


In Tunisia, water scarcity is a huge problem, especially in the central and southern parts of the country. In the governorate of Kairouan (Al-Qayrawan) farmers have problems to access water for the irrigation of their fields. Even more alarming: in some parts of Kairouan people do not have access to drinking water, since ground water levels are dropping. Read more >>




News from the Collective Leadership Institute

Watch our new teaser on 'The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 1':
Stakeholder Collaboration has been recognised as critical to finding solutions to the complex challenges of sustainable development. The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 1 is the foundation course to the Collective Leadership Institute’s Skills Development Programme.
Watch the video >>

Latest Newsletter on Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)

Mastering Collaboration in IWRM: Stakeholder Collaboration is increasingly used as an important tool for participation in IWRM. Learn more from the ENTIRE Newsletters which contains the latest information on our work and partnerships in water sector in the Southern Mediterranean region. Read more >>


Women 's International Network (WIN) - Petra Kuenkel speaks at the 2015 conference: "Inspire the world: with insight, grace & action."
More than 800 leaders from across the world join together to prepare for the future, expand possibilities and realise new opportunities. Petra Kuenkel will also appear as workshop leader. | Rome, Italy - 30 September – 1, 2 (3) October | Read more >>

Young Leaders for Sustainability (YLS) - our programme for Young Professionals: YLS is a qualification programme for young leaders who want to make a difference. The programme builds a network of young professionals from business, government and civil society. | Programme start - October 13 | Read more >>

Institute for Ecological Economic Research - Petra Kuenkel speaks at conference: "Partnering for Change - How Companies develop a new culture of cooperation." To create a socio-ecological change, many of today's companies are broadening their culture of cooperation. What characteristics and impact do they develop and which transformative potential defines them? | Berlin, Germany - November 3 | Read more >>

BMW Foundation Series - Placing our actions in a larger context and acting for the common good: Textile expert and Greenpeace campaigner Dr. Kirsten Brodde will share her knowledge about clean cloth and sustainable supply chains. Petra Kuenkel will speak about the Collective Leadership Compass, our practice-oriented approach to leading complex change in multi actor settings. | Berlin, Germany - 30 November | Read more >>

We empower people to lead collectively towards a more sustainable future!

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