March 2017
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Upcoming Training Opportunity
Incorporating Quality Surveys for Program and Activity Evaluation
April 7th
Do your surveys measure up?  Ella Rhee and
Justin Hensley lead this workshop on how to create surveys to assess internal program activities as well as survey implementation best practices. You will workshop to develop age appropriate and effective surveys.
This training will focus on AQuA indicators in Elements 7 and 10.   It is intended for site coordinators, managers, and directors.

Email or your quality advisor for a registration link.
Lunar Lander
 Lunar Lander

Propel your afterschool space to new heights as you work in space teams to design a shuttle capable of landing on the Moon's surface! Contact Millie McGuire to check out. 

How Small, How Tall?

HowSmall-HowTall (1)

Let Wonder Kits bring life-size fun to your program as you explore non-standard units of measurement using commonly found materials. Contact Millie McGuire to check out. 
Afterschool Now.
TxPost (Texas Partnership for Out of School Time) is leading advocacy work on behalf of Out of School Time providers across Texas. As a result of our collective effort, Rep Ashby and Sen Hughes have sponsored a new OST bill, HB 2408/SB 1404. If passed, this bill would require all school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to report certain information regarding voluntary after-school programs and voluntary summer programs. This reporting would be done through the PEIMS system, which is managed by TEA.  Once passed, TEA would determine which specific types of programs would be included.
This is an exciting prospect for the OST community because we would have better knowledge about which children are accessing OST programming and which schools are better utilizing these opportunities. Until now, we have had to collect this information independently.

 Math Ma++ers 
Crazy 8s is a recreational after-school math club that helps kids enjoy the math behind their favorite activities. 
  • Each club is offered for two different age groups: K-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade. 
  • Crazy 8s is for a minimum of 12 kids and a maximum of 16 kids.
  • The 32 weeks of Crazy 8s activities are organized into four 8-week kits we call Seasons 1-4. Each Season runs one hour weekly over 8 consecutive weeks.
  • Crazy 8s is fun for kids of ALL math abilities - we’re not math tutoring, homework helper or gifted programming. And Crazy 8s is voluntary - kids should be choosing to participate.
  • Crazy 8s is FREE! If you provide the coach and a space large enough to run the club, we'll provide the materials. 
    Click here to find out more about this resource. 
Foundation Communities
Janice certification

Correction from last month: Dallas Afterschool would like to congratulate Foundation Communities Shadow Brook, Sleepy Hollow and Peters Colony for their ongoing commitment to quality. Their dedication to continual improvement and hard work within the PQI Process over the last five years has led to their recent certification. We appreciate all the efforts they make to be a high quality program and a great partner. 
 Have You Met Tori Phillips? 

Tori Phillips joins our organization as a Marketing and Development Associate with years of experience in an afterschool setting. Welcome! 
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