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March 2016
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Crazy about Carle 

This month marks the anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpiller by Eric Carle. Perfect for your kids this spring season, satisfy your literary appetite wih this colorful book, published in 1969. 
Caterpillers Not Included  

Explore the changing world around you in the Wonder Kit, Metamorphosis.

Structured after the life cycle of the butterfly, students will be challenged to create their own model and celebrate the season of new beginings with the award winning book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar (books included in kit).
Contact your quality advisor for availability. 


In order to keep our Wonder Kits available to all of our partners, please contact us to return any outstanding checkouts. Thank you. 
This Reminder Brought To You By Safety First

This month we’re putting safety first by reminding you to practice tornado drills. Tornados are a common occurrence in Texas, especially during the Spring. 

T he loud siren sounds
        O n your knees and cover your head  
         R ain, winds, thunder, and hail
                N eed to know your safety plan
           A lways have your supplies close by                
 on’t get near any window
      O ut of harms way 

For maximum safety, use the proper technique of duck and cover while conducting drills.  Practice makes perfect, get your kids familiar with the routine so they will know what to do if your site is ever in danger.

Prepare effectively and please don’t forget to log them as you do! 
 Space Pioneers

Kids-U implemented the use of Wonder Kits at all their sites this month making for fun, engaging, and creative program days!

Participants defied gravity and explored outer space by creating an interactive model that demonstrated orbit patterns of the sun, moon, and Earth.

Dallas Afterschool thanks Kids-U for letting us participate with their sites and learn along with them!

IMG_5471 (1)

 Advocate For Public Education! 

This recent editorial published in the Dallas Morning News, gives a call to action for individuals to apply to be a Leadership ISD Fellow.
Read the full article here complete with instuctions on how to apply. 
Together We Make a Difference
 Wonder Kits are proud to partner with the Citizens Development Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit work training center and employment placement organization for adults with intellectual, mental health, and/or physical disibilities. To find out more about their mission and the work they are doing to impact our community, please click here

Did You Go Beyond School Hours?
Our own CEO, Christina Hanger, recently had the opportunity to speak at Beyond School Hours Conference, which took place in Dallas last week. 


Christina led a workshop and panel discussion about how nonprofit, corporate, government and school district offices work together to expand quality out-of-school time options for all children regardless of neighborhood or income.

Shout out to partner organizations: After-School All-Stars, Frazier Revitalization, Inc., Dallas Parks and Rec, Heart House, and Big Thought for attending and discussing their work to improve afterschool program access and quality. 


Have You Met Julia Blum?
Julia B.

Julia Blum joins our Development Department from Los Angeles. 
Join us here for the full scoop according to Julia. 
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