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June 2015
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Dallas Afterschool Blog: How Can Out of School Time Effectively Develop Skills in Youth?
Part two of this month's blog explores how social emotional learning is integrated into out of school time. Click here for part two. If you missed out on part one, or simply need a refresher, join us here.
Spotlight on PQI training for afterschool and beyond!
Click here to read how Voice of hope is using experiential training in their summer program.
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Beat the heat with helpful tips from Safety First!
Summer is here! That means as your summer programs get started, the heat and outdoor activities are increasing. Remember that dehydration is something to be constantly aware of. Here are a few tips on keeping your children hydrated throughout the summer  
 Hydra 1  2    Hydra 2       
Set a good example and drink plenty of water yourself.
 Keep cold water nearby.
Offer a variety of drinks and avoid sugary and caffeinated beverages.
 Make water breaks part of your routine.
Take water breaks in the shade.
 Don’t wait until kids are thirsty.
The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests 5 ounces (or two kid-size gulps) of water or sports drink every 20 minutes for an 88-pound child.
Make hydration fun by toasting to a good day or offering color straws.
Summer Resource Give-a-way!
Come by our office on July 8, 2015 from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. for our summer resource giveaway! Items include art supplies, pencil sharpeners, headphones, thermometers, first aid kits,stopwatches and much more!  


Partnership Opportunities: Did you Voly in the Park?
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Huge “thank you” to graphic designer, Jimmy Hukill at for all the effort that went into making West Dallas branding for Voly in the Park a success! hosts the non-profits involved in The School Zone’s Professional Learning Community looking to match volunteers with impactful opportunities beyond the bridge. Join us here for further reading. 

Check out the calender tab on our website,, for upcoming trainings as well as additonal partnership opportunities from Dallas Afterschool!

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Have you met Shannon Holloway?
 Shannon Holloway, Development and Events Coordinator, shares her thoughts on the Dallas donor landscape. Read it here.
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