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 Dina Listening To Teacher Dina Dinosaur the principal of Dinosaur School has flown to North Carolina and California with her team of puppets (Wally, Molly and Tiny Turtle) to help young children (ages 4-8 years) cope with stress and learn social skills, emotional regulation and problem solving.

At IY we are excited to tell you about a couple of research projects and intervention efforts that started up in 2015-16 in United States that are designed to evaluate the Dina Dinosaur Social, Emotional and Problem Solving Curriculum for young children.
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North Carolina
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One study at Duke University is evaluating the effect of preschool teachers and assistants in low-income schools delivering the classroom dinosaur curriculum twice a week in their classrooms. 56 teachers (28 classrooms) have participated in 8 workshop days spread out in 2-day training groups from August to February. This training has just been completed and researchers will be evaluating outcomes for children compared to control classrooms.
In another ongoing study at the University of North Carolina, 118 K-2nd grade students from 9 schools have been enrolled, and 59 have been randomly selected to participate in the small group treatment model of the dinosaur curriculum during school based on their self-regulation needs.

These children are pulled out twice a week in small groups of 4-6 children to work with a school counselor and mental health clinician on the research team on skills related to emotional literacy, problem-solving, anger management, friendship skills and the importance of following school rules. 

Both of these 4 year grants in North Carolina will help to highlight the advantages of collaborating with schools to address the social and emotional needs of young children.
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In California, one school district in San Diego has taken a proactive approach to offering classroom Dina curriculum in primary schools for three years to all children in 15 schools. Handouts in Spanish are used for the children and parents. Additionally, after classroom screening, they select some children with more moderate behavior problems for additional Dina small group weekly training. Moreover, the parents of these children are invited to attend the Incredible Years Parent Program. Below you will see a picture of social workers who are delivering both the classroom and small group Dina curriculum.
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