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Happy December! Wally and the gang are gearing up for the holiday season... be on the look out for their annual holiday greeting later this month.

Don't forget! Seattle trainings coming up at the start of 2017 are filling up FAST - check out the list and sign up now to hold your spot!

January 18-20: Basic Parent Group Leader Training

February 7-9: Small Group Dina Child Group Leader Training
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Submit Your December Orders Early!

Due to annual inventory and holidays we may have slower fulfillment times in December. If you are in need of materials to arrive prior to January 2017, please be sure to submit your order ASAP. Thank you!

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Helpful Group Leader Resources
Be sure to check out our newly updated FAQ section of our website. Here you'll find information to pass along to your administrative team, tips on how to mediate vignettes and so much more!
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Article of the Month: Incredible Years Parent Training:
What changes, for whom, how, for how long?
December's article of the month, "Incredible Years parent training: What changes, for whom, how, for how long?" aims to examine the efficacy of The Incredible Years program with Portuguese families of preschoolers, moderator and mediator effects, and sustainability of results. This randomized controlled design has pre- and post-intervention, and 12 and 18 month assessments.

The study found that children in the IY group showed significant reduction in behavior problems and increase in social skills; caregivers improved parenting practices and WINTEROWLSself-confidence. Positive clinical and functional impacts were demonstrated. IY was efficacious with a wide range of families. The moderating effect of the child's age suggests that IY prevents a decrease in social skills for the ages covered by this study. Changes in parental self-efficacy affected changes in parental practices, promoting changes in children's behavior. Positive effects were maintained over time.

Check out other studies in our Article Library!
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