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consultation 3Did you know you can obtain consultation through the Incredible Years®?

Accredited IY Trainers and Mentors are available to provide consultation to administrators, group leaders, and therapists on a variety of topics related to the Incredible Years programs, including:

  • Dissemination issues: recruiting families, obtaining training, choosing the best program for your agency, assuring program fidelity, and assessing program outcomes
  • Clinical issues: promoting attendance, managing resistive parents or disruptive children, setting up practice role plays, and getting accredited or certified in the program
  • Research issues: program evaluation, consultation regarding research design and measures to use with IY programs.
Contact us to set up a telephone or Skype consultation appointment!
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Spotlight: Incredible Beginnings Program

Interested in our Incredible Beginnings® program? We have space available in our training workshop June 26th-28th - offered only once per year!

Inc Beg 1The Incredible Beginnings® program
is designed to be delivered to child care providers and preschool teachers of children ages 1-5 years old.  Similar to the Incredible Years® group-based Teacher Classroom Management program for older children (4-8 years), the Incredible Beginnings Program is delivered by trained group leaders in 6 full-day workshops that are spaced about a month apart throughout the school year.

The program has protocols for working with toddlers or preschool children. Topics focus on ways preschool and day care providers can provide an environment that promotes optimal development of children’s social competence, emotion literacy, self-regulation, and sense of
security and attachment, as well as early problem solving and academic readiness skills. Providers also learn strategies for managing children’s behavior problems, as well as language and developmental delays and for partnering with parents to promote consistency of approaches from the school to home setting.
View the Program Content and Objectives here.
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Article of the Month:
RCT on IY Teacher Classroom Management Program

vectorstock_1528928A randomized control trial study of the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management program with kindergarten through third graders has found positive impacts on student social behavioral and academic outcomes.

Results showed improved student emotional regulation, prosocial behavior, and social competence.
To see all results from the study, view the full article, "The Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Program: Outcomes from a Group Randomized Trial". Check out the other research articles in our Article Library.

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Seattle Workshops in April, May, June

Join us for Group Leader training! Download workshop information and registration forms on our Upcoming Training Workshops page.

SeattleAutism Program Parent Group Leader Training PLUS Helping Preschool Children with Autism Program Group Leader Training
April 17–20

Small Group Dina Child Group Leader Training
May 15–17

Basic Parent Group Leader Training and School Age Supplement
June 5–8

*register soon - this is the only School Age training offered this year!
This training equips Group Leaders to implement three Incredible Years® Parenting Training Programs: Toddler Parent Program, Preschool Basic Parent Program, and the School Age Basic Program.

Incredible Beginnings® Program Group Leader Training
June 26–28

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