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January 2013   

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HMI Family with Integrated High-end Functionality

Non-contact Gauging Technology

Intelligent Surge Protection Device

Rittal Xpress Program

High Resolution Light Grid

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Mini ROBO Cylinders
A great choice in your smooth transition from air cylinders to electric cylinders from Intelligent Actuator

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HMI Family with Integrated
High-end Functionality

Maximum practicality, maximum performance

The first choice for complex applications for operator control and monitoring, the new SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are seamlessly integrated into the TIA Portal via SIMATIC WinCC V11. They are available in sizes from 4“ to 22“ – all with high-resolution and dimmable widescreen displays with LED backlight.
Comfort Panels
SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels provide easy integration in existing system structures and networks thanks to PROFIBUS and PROFINET standard interfaces as well as easy connection of external devices such as printers, USB flash drives, mouse, or keyboard via two integrated USB host interfaces.

SIMATIC WinCC V11, the new HMI software in the TIA Portal, ensures maximum project efficiency and integrated engineering from all HMI Panels
  • Integrated functionality across all display sizes
  • Brilliant widescreen displays with dimmable LED backlight
  • Upright portrait installation possible for all touch devices
  • 100 percent data protection
  • Fast application recovery in case of device damage
  • Intelligent energy management with PROFIenergy
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Sick logo 2OD Value Optical Displacement Sensor

Non-contact gauging technology

SICK OD VALUESICK's line of OD optical displacement sensors are reliable tools for optical gauging applications at extremely short ranges. They can measure distances as short as 24 mm with 0.02 micron resolution and have a fast response time of 1 ms. This makes non-contact OD optical displacement sensors an ideal alternate solution to mechanical measurement devices, such as LVDT probes.

The OD Value sensor captures the most minute differences in length, width, thickness, diameter, shape, position or eccentricity directly in the machine, without contact, with high accuracy and in-process.

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phoenix2Intelligent Surge Protection Device

Improve system availability and signal quality

Phoenix Contact has introduced PT-IQ: an intelligent MCR surge protection device with multi-stage remote monitoring. It provides proactive functional monitoring for signal interface surge protection devices.

MCR Surge PrtoectionThe system informs the user if a plug replacement is needed long before the components fail due to overload. This can prevent unnecessary service costs, while ensuring system availability and signal quality.

The device’s multi-stage/three-stage monitoring system enables fast and clear status identification. A yellow signal indicates that the performance limit has been reached as a result of frequent surge voltages, while a small reserve capacity ensures that protection remains effective. A red signal indicates failure. A controller monitors and sends status reports back to the control room where users can inspect the system.
  • Snap-lock mechanism for easy plugging and unplugging
  • T-bus connection provides reliable power and data transmission
  • Provides protection for up to five signal wires
  • Automatic integration of SPDs without wiring
  • One power terminal block powers 28 SPDs, reducing installation cost
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Rittal logo

RittalXpress Program

Ready for quick access and on-time delivery

The RittalXpress program features an extensive stocking program, a custom modification program and fast and efficient shipping.

The industry’s best, most sought-after enclosures and accessories are now available as part of the industry’s best support program. RittalXpress features an extensive stocking program, a custom modification program, and fast and efficient shipping.RittalXpress

The vital enclosures and related accessories you need most often are in our warehouse or available through your local distributor and ready for quick access and on-time delivery. The RittalXpress stocking program includes more than 2,200 part numbers, continuously in stock and ready for shipping when you need them.

RittalXpress shipping ensures that order processing and shipping of your off-the-shelf enclosures and accessories gets the ultimate priority attention so your order leaves the warehouse enroute to your site on the next business day.

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pepperlfuchsHigh Resolution Light Grid

Even detects transparent parts

Pepperl & Fuch's  PR32 Series high-resolution light grids consist of a transmitter and a receiver with 32 parallel infrared light beams.  The light grid detects any object shapes including transparent materials with a minimum part size of 1.5mm.PR32 light grid

  • Detection range: 300 - 500mm
  • Field height: 100mm
  • Resolution: 1.5mm
  • Protection degree: IP65

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Software Update Service - Act Now!

Don't miss this opportunity for huge savings before the next release

SIMATIC software update

STEP 7 V12, WinCC V12, and WinCC V7.2 are all scheduled to be released very soon.  

Contact us

prior to the release to make sure you receive these important updates and upgrades automatically at big savings.


Software Update Service  

Saves time and effort: Product Upgrades and Service Packs are shipped automatically to your customer.

Lowers costs: The service pays for itself after the first update as it costs less than an individually ordered update.

Makes budgeting easier: Software expenditures can be accounted for early in the budgeting.  


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Workshops & Seminars

January 24th
Cognex Vision Workshop
Malvern, PA

  February 5th
Siemens S7-1200 PLC Seminar
York, PA

February 12th - 15th
Cognex In-Sight 4-day Training
York, PA

February 21st
Cognex Vision Workshop
Lehigh Valley, PA

February 26th
Siemens S7-1200 PLC Seminar
Camden, NJ




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