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March 2016
Spring Reflections
Silence makes us whole if we let it.  Thomas Merton 

Welcome to the Quiet
"Why does Well place so much emphasis on quiet?" our new guest asked recently at lunch.

It was - and is - a good question.  Why are we so passionate about creating, and holding, a quiet space for our guests? 

Perhaps the short answer is - because we, ourselves, have experienced and witnessed the power of the quiet to heal, renew and transform.  As one author puts it, "The world consumes us. Silence frees us."

Think about it.  Our lives are filled with layer upon layer of noise. The external noise of traffic, appliances, media, neighbors; and even the inaudible "noise" of billboards, inboxes, to-do lists and waiting projects all shout for our attention.

And that's just the first layer. Slightly beneath the surface there is incessant chatter - observations, judgment, criticism, fear, anxiety, ought-to's and what-if's.

When you consider that the Latin root of the word noise means queasiness or pain, it's no wonder we're all stressed. And all of it swirls around us like so many flecks in a snow globe, obscuring the true meaning of our lives and clouding the "God-spark" in our souls.'s exhausting.

Where do we find relief - respite - time out?  Where do we find unstructured time to allow all of the distractions to begin to settle so that we might reconnect with who we are and whose we are? Where do we find space quiet enough to just listen for the "still, small voice?"  The world shouts. God seldom does.

The fact is, those spaces are few and far between.  Silence - and unstructured time- have become endangered species. That is why we feel so led to create and hold the quiet.  Think of Well as a sanctuary - a preserve - for these endangered species! 

And it is our belief that external quiet leads to internal quiet, out of which may come gifts of healing, clarity and transformation.  So when we say Welcome to the Quiet - know that it is more than just a greeting.  It's an expression of our deepest prayer for you and your time at Well.

Peg Cartner
*Note: Well does not require strict silence - and offers communal mealtimes of fellowship - but does ask guests to "fast" from noise and distractions while they are at Well - for their sake, as well as others'.
Wisdom Body Wednesday Workshops
Well of Mercy is dedicated to providing respite for individuals looking to rejuvenate mind, body & spirit. Wisdom Body Workshops are offered throughout the year in an effort to introduce newcomers to Well and to enhance personal growth. Checkout the upcoming workshops and register online.  If you wish to stay overnight in conjunction with a workshop, please call the office to reserve a room at (704) 539-5449.

March 2
10:30am- 4:30pm
Chapel of Mercy
$55 LUNCH included

Learn techniques to unlock the meaning of symbols in your dreams and their guidance for your life.  The workshop introduces techniques to help you look at your dreams in a different way. 
You are encouraged to bring a personal dream to the workshop. REGISTER!

Workshop facilitator Mary Ellen Shuntich has led dream workshops for over 30 years and is a board member for Well of Mercy.

ZENTANGLE: Tangle with Sister Donna 
May 4
1:30pm- 4:30pm
Chapel of Mercy
$55 materials provided

NO Lunch
Patterns can be found in nature, architecture, fabric, etc.  Zentangle® is an easy to learn, relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. The trademarked tag line is, “You Can Do Anything, One Stroke at a Time” ™ That’s exactly what you will learn – to create elegant patterns from simple repetitive markings.  No artistic ability is required!  REGISTER!
Sister Donna Marie Vaillancourt is a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), a Sister of Mercy & co-foundress of Well of Mercy.

WRITING: Processing Life Lessons
September 14
1:30pm- 4:30pm
Chapel of Mercy
No Lunch
More details coming soon!

October 12, 2016
1:30pm - 4:30pm
Chapel of Mercy
$40 No Lunch

The labyrinth holds transformative potential for those open to embarking on the journey.  It offers an experience of the whole body at prayer which can deepen one’s connection with God.

This workshop will provide a brief overview of the labyrinth including its history, meaning and use.  Time will be provided for silence, solitude and a communal labyrinth walk. REGISTER!

Sister Donna holds a MA in Theology from St. Bonaventure University and was trained as a Labyrinth Facilitator by Rev. Lauren Artress, one of the world's leading scholars on the labyrinth.

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Well of Mercy


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Oven Roasted Potatoes
1 lb red potatoes cut in 
      bite size chunks
2 tablespoons olive oil
½ teaspoon onion powder
¼ teaspoon garlic salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper
1/8 teaspoon paprika

 Place potatoes in a 
 greased  9 x 9 pan. 
 Mix remaining ingredients 
 in a small bowl & drizzle over  potatoes. Toss to coat. 
 Bake at 325° for 45 minutes.
 Stir and bake 15 minutes more til  potatoes are brown on the edges.
Serves 4
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