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  Artwork Network: Exhibit ends 6/1
  Echoes of Heritage  

Only eleven days remain to visit the "Echoes of Heritage" exhibit, featuring the artwork of 74-year-old artist Tadashi Hayakawa. It's a huge exhibit, with almost 100 works available to view. There are four distinct themes throughout the display, each inspired by the landscape and culture of Japan. 

Wondering why so many themes? Tadashi Hayakawa responds, "I found our culture is so wide, so deep, and there are so many different aspects. The “Spirit of Sumi” theme is almost all black and white with a touch of red, a symbol of our culture, but very simple. On the other hand, the “Celebration” theme has beautiful colors. But still is the Japanese culture. Beautiful colors, strong colors, bright colors – that’s ours. Here is the black and white – that’s also ours. So that’s why I thought it’s good to have four sections – even that may not be enough."

We hope you enjoy this virtual tour!  If you have any questions about the artwork or artist, we'd be delighted to help.  Email or call the gallery at 303.388.7420 (toll free 800.668.9522).

Keep scrolling to explore Tadashi's new artwork.

  Spirit of Sumi  

The first theme, Spirit of Sumi, abstractly explores the discipline of Japanese calligraphy. Sumi Ink, which is slightly thicker than India Ink, was applied to the canvas with horse hair brushes. The lines and curves echo the character sets of the Japanese language.  

It was the last portion to be added to the exhibit, but came the most naturally. “The Spirit of Sumi has been in my blood since I was a kid. When I go back to my old paintings, sometimes I can see that spirit coming through,” says Tadashi.


The Celebration theme uses the bright, strong colors found in festivals and celebrations. There is inspiration from drums, fireworks, and prayer flags. Tadashi explains, “I want to express to you the experience I had, the wonderful excitement of these festivals.” This theme also incorporates the colors and patterns of clothing – of kimonos and wedding dresses and various costumes.

  Island of Japan  

There are four main islands off the coast of Japan and over 6,000 smaller islands.  This theme uses the geological outlines of the land as inspiration, imbued with the rich tropical colors of the mountainous land and sea.  But the paintings in the “Islands of Japan” theme aren’t strictly scenery. “If I paint just islands of Japan, that’s nothing special, just landscape,” Tadashi says.  “I used islands to express my philosophy or my importance of our culture: integrity, peace and harmony, modesty, love…”

  Spiritual Inspiration  

Here the artist turns to the internal with a final theme of Spiritual Inspiration.  Tadashi explains, “I learned to paint through the conversation with my spirit. Spirit to you may be a God. So you may say, conversation with God. That means that the feeling I have I put on my canvas is inspired by divine spirit. Then I create my paintings to show the journey, the ancient spirits.” 

  Echoes of Heritage  

The "Echoes of Heritage" exhibit closes on June 1st. Speak with the artist in person on most Tuesdays and Fridays. If you are unavailable during our 10am - 5pm business hours, give us a call - we'd love to schedule a private tour for you or your group




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