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  Do You Have Them At Hello?  June 2014
Seize the Opportunity
to Convert Newbies

If your conference is like most, nearly 40% of your attendees are first-timers. That’s a healthy funnel screaming opportunity!
First impressions…getting off on the right foot is critical,  . Whether you’re onboarding new customers, employees, exhibitors, students or church members, getting people plugged in and feeling part of something is a linchpin for growing stickiness. There’s no better time or place to accelerate and achieve this than when face-to-face.
Many conferences conduct a first timer orientation. They usually run through a boring monologue about the conference program, mobile app and how great the organizer is. They may sprinkle in some shallow speed networking so the newbie can meet other first-timers.
If this sounds like your orientation, make onboarding a higher priority in conference design and communications. Be sure to intentionally design networking experiences so the newbies get to rub elbows with staff, veteran attendees and volunteer leadership. Make connecting part of your values and something that is everyone’s job.
If your team is booked solid with committee or board meetings, you’re missing the chance to convert more of your 40% into regulars. Rethink priorities, shuffle responsibilities and seize the opportunity. You may not have a second chance. 

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Strategic Onboarding
Yields Big Returns
do you have them at helloOne of the most effective ways to improve conference attendance loyalty is by integrating a strategic on-boarding effort into your attendance-marketing plan.
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Onboarding Tips and Best Practices
onboarding tipsOnboarding new conference attendees is very similar to onboarding new hires. Take a look at Sarah's six ways to incorporate technology into the onboarding process for new hires. All ideas that are easily transferrable to the new conference attendee experience.
Helping Conference First Timers And Solo Attendees Get Plugged In
beyond helloImagine that you're a first-time attendee at a conference that draws thousands. By day, you move from session to session, trying to make eye contact with strangers. You even manage to strike up a few good conversations, but more often, it's nothing more than a "nice to meet you"...
Hostmanship: The Art of Making People Feel Welcome
jan-gunnarssonJan Gunnersson has inspired nearly 100,000 people to adopt a welcoming attitude! Join Jan in a world where people feel expected and welcome.


Member Concierge: A Phone Call to
Every New Member

What does it take to make personal calls to 1,000 new members in a year? And is it worthwhile? Terry Fong at the California Dental Association can tell you, with a smile.
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9 Biggest Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid

If we know one thing to be true about customer onboarding, it's that "build it and they will come" could not be further from the truth in the majority of cases. In order to attract, convert, and retain customers.....

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Are You Delivering on
Your Networking Promise?

networking promise 
Technology will continue to change the way attendees learn, but screens simply cannot deliver one of the key ingredients every audience needs: networking. Use this three-pronged barometer to gauge how well your meeting is creating Connexity (connections and community).

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Conference Connexity Delivering on Your Networking Promise
Conference connexity 2 
Networking at large conferences or trade shows can be an overwhelming experience. With jam-packed agendas, session rooms and busy expo floors, locating and nurturing those valuable business connections is a difficult task. it doesn't have to be that way...

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An Old-School Method For New Member Engagement
When one association saw an influx of new, younger members, one of its primary engagement tactics was decidedly traditional: committee volunteerimg.

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