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March 2014
News in Agricultural Technology
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Moana Shrimp Harvest
Newest grantee brings better shrimp to Bangladesh

Moana Technologies is introducing disease-free shrimp to Bangladesh, with help from Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation. Smallholder aquatic farmers source from private hatcheries that currently obtain often-infected broodstock that carry pathogens, resulting in high mortality rates. Moana's black tiger shrimp are healthier and able to grow much faster than local shrimp. With these improved shrimp, small farmers can gain a 65 percent increase in production volume per hectare and a 30 percent price premium, resulting in dramatically higher incomes.

Photo by Moana Technologies.

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Find crowdfunding for your technology

Crowdfunding is raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people to fund a venture. It's become a resource for entrepreneurs to get around the typical limitations of raising capital, especially for projects that achieve development outcomes. To connect you to these opportunities, we've added crowdfunding platforms like Catapult and RocketHub to our directory of other funding sources for technology commercialization.

Photo by Mojo40.

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Seeds In Hand
Want to work on the frontier of technology, innovation, and agriculture in emerging markets?

We're looking for a Technology Commercialization Team Leader to identify and support the commercialization of game-changing technologies. Partnering for Innovation is a unique opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of farmers. As an indispensable member of the management team, this position is focused on identifying and evaluating technologies for investment, managing an investment portfolio toward results, and capturing critical lessons learned.  If you are ready to work on cutting-edge technology and have an impact, please review the job profile.

Photo by Fintrac Inc.

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