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OCTOBER 2013   l   VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1
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Welcome To The .CLUBHouse!

If you are reading this, you are already a valued member of our club - welcome!  This is the premiere issue of the .CLUBHouse newsletter, where we will keep you updated about .CLUB and other important developments in the new Top Level Domain (TLD) space.

It's All In The Name

Some of you are already familiar with the domain name business and the term "TLD" (or gTLD for generic Top Level Domain).  Some of you are just learning about the "new" Domain Extensions that will soon be available as alternatives to the current "com", "biz", "org", "edu", "TV", "co", etc.  We're at the cusp of a game-changing Internet reboot, where the options for domain name extensions will expand to literally hundreds of choices, from .Web to .Wiki to .Club.  Finding the perfect domain name for your business or interests will no longer be a challenge because someone already has the .com.   

Why .CLUB?

As you will come to know, we are a little obsessed with the word "club."  We love the fact that "club" represents people coming together around a common interest or passion.  We love the fact that "club" is a global word that is spelled the same and means the same all over the world.  We love the fact that everyone has something they are passionate about that can be expressed as a .CLUB.  What's yours?
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  In The News 

How will new gTLD's impact Domain Name prices?
Will this help speed up the Registry Agreement signing process?
A New Solution for .Brands:

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.CLUB Mentioned in The New Yorker “Great Internet Land Grab” Article

As the timeframe for the launch of new gTLD’s draws closer, it is great to see more mainstream publications covering the domain namespace. After all, those of us in the industry exist within a bit of a fishbowl, yet for the new gTLD’s to truly be successful, mainstream business and consumer awareness is most important. According to the New Yorker,
 " Suddenly reorganizing the way we navigate the web with new strings like .guru, .club, or .google might seem frivolous or strange, but entities like ICANN and its stakeholders insist that they will make the Web more intuitive and user-friendly..." 

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3 Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Extension

From the .CLUB Blog: With the introduction of hundreds of new domain name extensions (the word or characters to the right of the dot), if you are looking for a great domain name for your business or interests, you’ll have more choices than ever before.  Can’t get the .com you thought you wanted?  Not sure if .co or .me is right for you?  Don’t worry – you’ll soon be able to choose from a vast array of possible extensions, from .app to .zulu.  With so many possibilities how do you choose a great domain extension?  

Here are three tips that will help you pick the perfect domain for your name: 

⇒It Should Be Short

⇒It Should Be Memorable

⇒It Should Be Meaningful


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How .CLUB Inspired A New Wiki For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have a hard time remaining idle, and .CLUB CEO Colin Campbell is no exception.  During the "down time" while working to resolve contention for the .CLUB name (originally there were three applicants vying for .CLUB), Colin and .CLUB CMO Jeff Sass began to work on creating EntrepreneurWiki - a wiki-based directory of successful entrepreneurs.  In fact, it was ICANN and the new gTLD process that inspired Colin to get into the wiki business.

From .Wiki To EntrepreneurWiki

Already a fan of Ray King's ICANN Wiki, when Colin found out Ray had applied for the .wiki name, it sparked the idea of a wiki for entrepreneurs.  Previous experience in adding information to Wikipedia proved frustrating, and many qualified entrepreneurs seemed to miss Wikipedia's notability requirements.  This led Colin and Jeff to see a need for a wiki dedicated to successful entrepreneurs - an open platform where successful entrepreneurs can share their stories and lessons learned, and where aspiring entrepreneurs can find learning and inspiration.  They built the EntrepreneurWiki site using the MediaWiki platform, the same foundation used by Wikipedia. Now that .CLUB is moving full-steam ahead, MK Tantum, a young, ambitious first-time entrepreneur herself, has joined the team as the Editor-in-Chief of EntrepreneurWiki, managing the day to day of the growing site and community.  

Whether you are an entrepreneur yourself, or interested in entrepreneurship, there's already a wealth of great entrepreneur stories at www.EntrepreneurWiki.com.  Click the button below to see a short interview with Colin about EntrepreneurWiki.


Meet the .CLUB Team: Jonathan Frost

Behind the scenes of a new gTLD there are a lot of legal and compliance issues that require constant attention.  From ICANN matters to agreements with partners, there is no shortage of things to keep .CLUB's General Counsel busy.  An experienced contractual attorney, Jonathan came to .CLUB from a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While many companies have an "in-house" attorney, we are very fortunate to have Jonathan as our ".CLUB-House" attorney.
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