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Take a deep breath - do you feel the oxygen floating your lungs? In times of climate change it becomes even more important to preserve one of the world's most important resources: forests. Learn how collaboration is a central element in sustainable forestry.

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The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 1 + 2.
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Matching the needs of nature and people
In the shadow: Improving conditions for cocoa farming
The Republic of Laos heavily depends on the forestry sector, but much of the wood is exported illegally. Is there a way out? Read more >>
Sustainable forestry and cocoa production go hand in hand - Sonja Schmid, project manager at the Forest Carbon Group, explains why. Read more >>
Morocco: Dialogue on forest protection
The route to success?
  Preserving forests needed an integrative approach in Morocco, but the partners didn't show willingness to cooperate. What now? Read more >>
  Review the quality of your dialogue process and get recommendations on how to improve your project's performance! Try out now >>  
    Latest news
We launched an online portal specially dedicated to Stakeholder Dialogues in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRN), serving as a web-exchange platform for learning and exchanging best practice examples.
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