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What drives the dynamics of projects and initiatives? Our answer is: engagement! Teams of people who are committed to a joint vision can 'move mountains'. Explore through this newsletter how you can foster your engagement processes - step by step!
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Collective Leadership
3 - 5 June in Berlin

Stakeholder Dialogues
24 - 27 June in Potsdam
21 - 24 October in Cape Town

Dialogic Facilitation
8 - 11 July in Potsdam

New: Process Designs for Stakeholder Engagement
1 - 4 July in Potsdam
New: Success Factors in Stakeholder Dialogues
28 - 31 October in Potsdam

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How to engage others and create commitment?
Get more out of your meetings!
Engagement starts small and it requires a team of committed people. But motivations to engage and to join might differ. How to raise everyone's interest in your project? Read more >>
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The ability to facilitate dialogue is an important capacity for sustainable development efforts. It is also an essential issue when engaging people in a group, but how to foster it? Read more >>
Expert insights into engagement
3 pitfalls of engagement processes
Dr. Tak Tak works on a water management project in Tunesian schools. Learn how she managed to engage multiple stakeholders. Read more >>
What do you do when you realize a lack of engagement? Find out how to overcome the most common engagement challenges. Read more >>
12 principles of good process design
The engagement factory:
What is crucial for the success of change processes? These principles will help you kick-start your engagement processes. Read more >>
The real value of relationship is communication. Explore the tools that help you to get entangled into discussions and create a lively exchange within the community. Ready to interact? Read more >>  
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Our qualification program
Young Leaders for Sustainability (YLS) imparts competence in leading towards sustainability to young professionals. The aim of the program is to create a global network of change makers, who engage collectively for a sustainable future. This year our German YLS program starts in July. Learn more about our international YLS trainings>>
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