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We often tend to focus on future challenges rather than possibilities. However, watching out for opportunities, observing trends and staying open-minded is what can shape the future and foster innovation. Enjoy this newsletter with a spotlight on initiatives that drive change.
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Stakeholder Dialogues
21 - 24 October in Cape Town, South Africa
11 - 14 November in Quito, Ecuador (Spanish)
18 - 21 November in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Collective Leadership
27 - 29
October in Potsdam, Germany
Stakeholder Engagement
25 - 26 September in Berlin, Germany (German)
Dialogic Facilitation
8 - 11 July in Potsdam, Germany
9 - 12 December in Potsdam, Germany
The seeds for sustainable agriculture
ONE World – OUR Responsibility
How to develop a long-term strategy for a more sustainable agriculture? Nejia Hayouni from the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture shares her insights about strategy development and the new dynamic in Tunisia. Read more >>
© Ralf Rühmeier
“The future comes apace”, as Shakespeare said, and the need for innovative approaches and solutions for the time after 2015 is increasing. “Zukunftscharta” explores ways to strengthen broader cooperation and civil society participation. Read more >>
Goodbye, chocolate?
The future of leadership
© Alexander Stein
Imagine that you decide to get some chocolate, but it is sold out everywhere. What happened? Discover how the German Cocoa Forum engages for a better future of chocolate. Read more >>
© Dennis Skley
What can responsible leadership look like in the future? During the first event of our dialogue series "The Future of Leadership" international leaders shared their visions of good leadership. Read more >>
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    Jointly shaping the future

We are glad to collaborate with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt , the Euro-Mediterranean Association
for Cooperation and Development (EMA)
, and twentyfifty to make the world a better place. With the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA), the Arab Network for Environment & Development (RAED), and the German Water Partnership (GWP) we also won valuable partners for our EU-funded project ENTIRE .
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