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Water is the world's most vital resource. That's why we dedicate this year's last newsletter to water and fisheries management. Discover different approaches to manage these resources wisely...

... and check out our new course overview for the first half of 2015!


Africa, Asia, and Europe – once again we offer our open courses throughout the world!

Stakeholder Engagement (German)
23 - 24 March | Germany
The Art of Leading Collectively
20 - 22 April | South Africa
The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 1
19 - 22 May | Thailand
30 June - 3 July | Germany
Bowling alone?
When did you last...
Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) has become an internationally accepted approach towards sustainable water management. What's it all about? Read more >>
... eat fish? Julia Lange, project manager at WWF, gives striking insights into the needs and challenges for 'smart' fishery practices. Read more >>
Women for water!
Working hand in hand...
Women play a key role in Jordan's water management at the household level. How to raise their awareness for efficient water use? Read more >>
... with local communities motivates Iqbal Hamad to work for the Water Wise Women Initiative. Get some personal insights into her project. Read more >>
    What are barriers and bridges for effective water management?

Dominic Stucker, Senior Project Manager at CLI, dedicated a 446 pages publication to this question. Recommend the title to your librarian or order the book here (160$ for the hardback version). Receive a 20% discount by using the promo code DC361.

Happy Holidays and a happy New Year!

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