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What's the bigger picture behind your project? Sometimes we get lost in details and don't place our actions in a larger context. Then it helps to ask: What is the foundation of my work? What is my contribution to sustainability?

Discover means to 'refine contribution' through the following articles.

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The Art of Leading Collectively"
27 - 29 October in Potsdam, Germany
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Dialogue is a stance
‘Business’ meets ‘Human Rights’?
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  Why should we care about sustainability? Jade Buddenberg, project manager at the Collective Leadership Institute, invites you to reflect on dialogue and stakeholder participation. Read more >>   How can businesses live up their corporate responsibility? Explore how pioneering initiatives seek to address the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights. Read more >>  
Collaboration made easy
4th destination: Dialogic quality!
  How to collaborate across countries and sectors? Discover how a webinar helped participants from the ENTIRE project to see the broader picture of integrated water management. Read more >>   Did you follow Rose's Leadership Learning journey? At her 4th destination she evaluates her dialogic skills – travel with Rose by registering on!  

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Announcement: The year 2015 is the European Year of Development (EYD2015). To stimulate the active interest of European citizens in development cooperation a range of activities and events will take place at national, regional and local levels. Do you wish to become active? Our partner VENROB invites you to join a preparatory workshop for the EYD2015 on Sunday, 19th September in Potsdam. Read more >>

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