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Everyone of us is a leader in different ways: You may lead an idea, a process or a group of people. But what is the essence of good leadership? Find out through our freshly released leadership study, an expert interview, and a review of our tailor-made training with water experts!

What will change in our work 2014?
The compass to good leadership
Shifting the way we co-create - Collective Leadership Studies
Leadership is not only about leading people, but also about leading initiatives. Petra Kuenkel, , Executive Director of the Collective Leadership Institute, guides you through her leadership journey and invites you to reflect on your own leadership competencies. Read more >>
How to turn the challenges of sustainability into opportunities? Often it requires more than passion, intuition, or excellent planning. Find out which leadership strategies help to reach your goals in your daily work. Read more >>
Change on the agenda
"Yes, and…?" instead of "Yes, but..."
Reaching for sustainable change - international water experts discuss about the role of good leadership in complex water projects. Read more >>
Sometimes a small word can have a huge impact: Generate innovative ideas and positive dynamics in your change processes! Read more >>
    Young Leaders for Sustainability
goes international!

Our qualification program Young Leaders for Sustainability (YLS), which has been running successfully in Germany for the 4th time, will be scaled-up!
By conveying the capacities for Collective Leadership, YLS helps young people to step into the unknown. Going beyond their comfort zone, they create new opportunities out of sustainability challenges. Let's explore the ground together in  Rwanda, South Africa, Kenia and Tunisia – or within your organization? Read more >>
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