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About IHood:Our GPS for Living

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IHood:Our GPS for Living presents a new way of understanding and navigating life. Dr. Little illustrates the IHood within each of us - an internal compass and navigational make-up that guides the choice between worldly chaos and the peace in which we are meant to exist.

IHood is divided into chapters that closely follow key life stages. At each stage we examine behaviors and choices made under the prevailing motivation and maturity levels at that time. These two characteristics are greatly influenced and controlled by the balance between our Ego and Spirituality. Achieving this balance is the critical element to functioning and ultimately achieving peace in this world.

With IHood: Our GPS for Living as your guide, your destiny to live a purpose driven life is closer at hand.


"IHood is an uplifting work written by a born teacher. I would recommend it to all who are looking for comfort and inspiration in their lives."- Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president, Fordham University 

"IHood:Our GPS for Living is a thought inspiring book that provides a compass for those of us navigating the waters of life." - Jack Luchsinger, Attorney and Author, The Thirteenth Disciple- Soldier or Saint 


“An inspirational read with practical tips that we can incorporate in our own lives. The reader is guided on a journey; a GPS system to help us find our way home or back to living an authentic life. This book is divinely inspired.” – Laura’s List: Books for Women


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Be part of the Divine Revolution readers say changes lives. IHood: Our GPS for Living is available at your favorite bookseller.


Now available online at WestBow PressAmazon & Barnes & Noble or Download the Ebook!

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