E-Bulletin: Wear Red for Pentecost this Sunday
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 Children setting up dominoes
Because Service Doesn't Stop on Sundays.
Friend, you are a unique, gifted child of God and a blessing to our vital faith community.
This e-update is just one way we connect with each other as together,
we live for the glory of God and our neighbor's good.


Iglesia de Restauracion Pacto Eterno, 7-9 pm
Bell Choir Practice, 7-8 pm
Kaizen Karate, 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Community Choir Practice, 7:30 pm at AFUMC

Children's Play Group, 10:30 - 11:30 am in church nursery
ACoB Young Adults Gathering, 6:30 pm

Stamp Out Hunger for AFAC, 8:30 - 10:30 am, more details
Bridgewater Visit, more details

Fellowship Hall Rental, 11 am - 3 pm
Iglesia de Restauracion Pacto Eterno, 5-9 pm

Looking Ahead.
May 15 - Taste of Arlington for AFAC, more details
May 19 - Refugee Services Info Session, more details
May 21 - Dranesville CoB Yard Sale + Fish Fry, more details
May 22 - Big Sunday School + Worship Outside
May 22 - Refreshments after Worship
May 26 - Breakfast Bunch
May 30 - Executive Committee Meeting
June 5 - Unity Sunday Worship + Picnic

June 5 - Biking for Peace, more details

More Details.

AFAC Service Saturday | Thank you!
A special thank you to those who distributed food to the hungry on Saturday: Jo Ann, Diane, Robyn, Warren, Fitz, James and Melody. May God bless the recipients and guide us to end hunger.

Dunker Punks Podcast | http://bit.ly/DPP_Episode6
The latest episode features Nate Hosler, Director of the Brethren Office of Public Witness talking with Segma Asfaw at the World Council of Churches and Jeff Boshart with the Global Food Crisis Fund, and  introducing us to the vulnerable state of being without a nationality. Stateless people are legally invisible beyond the margins and without the basic human rights we take for granted. Beyond listening to their story, let us do all we can to make them known.


Bridgewater Visit | May 14
Join in a group visit to our friends in Bridgewater, VA: Lucile, Nelson, Catherine, Wes, Jane and Charlotte. We'll plan to arrive in Bridgewater at 11:30 am and depart at 2 pm after lunch. Sign up by May 8 on the sheet in the narthex to drive or attend. Contact Robyn with questions.


Refugee Services Info Session | Thurs., May 19
Attend this Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services meeting to learn more about a potential church initiative to sponsor a family fleeing violence in Syria. Contact Debbie with questions.

Dranesville CoB Yard Sale + Fish Fry | Sat., May 21, 10 am - 4 pm
This event by our neighborhing congregation in Herndon is a fundraiser for the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN). Email DCOBOffice@aol.com or call 703-430-7872 for more details.

Worship Audio | Online

In case you miss a Sunday service, sermon audio along with a selection of hymns and readings is posted online or subscribe on iTunes



Travellers for Peace Need a Place to Stay | June 5

On June 5, Michael and David will have daily biked 100 miles for 23 consecutive days. By that night, they will have rode through Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia, and they will be looking forward to 2,700 more miles to bike: all to raise at least $100,000 for peace organizations like Christian Peacemaker Teams. They are in need of a place to stay the evening of June 5 after a bonus speaking event at Oakton CoB, co-hosted by ACoB and will leave around 4 or 5 am the next morning. If you can offer 2-4 people a room for the evening, contact Marcia.

Coloring Book Collection | Throughout May
With children out of school for the summer months, our nieghbors relying on AFAC food assistance often have to bring their kids along to pick up food. The wait can be long and coloring books can help the kids pass the time. Place donations in the collection basket in the office hallway.

Prepare Meals | Tuesdays and Fridays
Ongoing health appointments make prepared dinners a big help for the Walkin-Haskes at this time. Sign up in the narthex or contact Silena if you can help. She is keeping a schedule so our efforts are spread over time for the family.

Stamp out hunger this Saturday!

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Sat., May 14

This is the anual food drive in partnership with the post office. Current volunteer opportunities for the event include handing out and posting flyers and signs beforehand or planning to pick up food from the post office afterwards. ACoB will host a sign and has volunteers handing out flyers in the Boulevard Manor neighborhood. Contact Suzanne if you'd like to help. Arlington residents can also donate food to AFAC by setting it out for your letter carrier to pick up on May 14. Most needed items are low-sugar cereal, canned low-sodium soup, canned tomato products and canned tuna. No glass items, please.  

Taste of Arlington for AFAC Sun., May 15

Taste of Arlington is a large street festival in front of Ballston Mall. For every volunteer that helps set up (May 14, 6-10 pm), run (May 15, 2:30-7 pm) or clean up after (May 15, 6-9 pm) the event, AFAC will receive $50. Volunteers themselves receive a free taste ticket to use at the event. Register online: http://www.ballstonbid.com/taste/volunteer.

Pray. Call. Write.
  • John D., experiencing health problems
  • Mary Smith's family + friends, mourning her passing at age 99
  • Alan, Hazel's son, experiencing health problems
  • Charles, Hazel's son, needs lung surgery
  • Affeldt Family, Melody's good friend's aunt suddenly passed recently
  • Dorothy, good friend of Marcia's, recovering from an ER visit
  • Minnie, palliative care at Goodwin House, Rm 248, visitors welcome
  • Jeff, home and progressing in recovery from major surgery
  • Walkin-Haske Family, ongoing health treatments
  • Jummai Paul, kidnapped Chibok girl and others
  • Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN)

Blessed Break.
Click here for the latest video devotional: http://bit.ly/BlessedBreak17

Doorways for Women and Families.

Special Sunday School with Linley from Doorways.

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother's Day by learning about how Doorways for Women and Families is transforming the lives of families facing homelessness or suffering abuse in our community.
A big thank you to Linley for teaching and inspiring us during the special Sunday School class.

We pray peace, joy and love for all the mothers and those that mother!

Mid-Atlantic Disaster Relief Auction.

MAD Disaster Relief AuctionMAD Disaster Relief AuctionMAD Disaster Relief AuctionMAD Disaster Relief Auction

Our total donations ahead of the Mid-Atlantic Disaster Relief Auction came to over $400. The items donated from our congregation for the event raised over $400 more! Thank you for giving to support disaster relief around the world!

Worship Notes.

Hear Sunday's sermon along with a selection of hymns and readings: http://bit.ly/ACoBMessage8May2016

Our actions have consequences.

Much of our prayer life seeks intended consequences: Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Much of the rest of our daily lives can ripple without our awareness of the unintended consequences. We don’t have to think about who made our clothes, picked our coffee beans or who cleans our community spaces at odd hours. The suffering that fuels our economic system can just stay an invisible side effect. Many Christians, like our brothers and sisters in Nigeria, also suffer as a consequence of following Jesus.  

Being people with some power, safety and a fair amount control over our actions, we have a responsibility to become more aware of the consequences. We know that the Good News spreading holds the most wonderful consequence! Counting well the cost and counting on the Spirit, our small and simple and big and bold acts of compassion can reach far beyond what we can see. With God’s Spirit at work, we will live in right relationship with God and other humans as God intends.

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Dramatic interpretation of Scripture.Dramatic interpretation of Scripture.


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