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Kelvin Okafor Art
11th February 2019
naaomi campbell

At a time where diversification wasn’t as open and accepted as it may be today, in 1988, a model by the name of Naomi Campbell become the first black model to appear on the cover of French Vogue Magazine. And later becoming one of the most famous models of her time.




My very first time seeing Naomi was in the late great Michael Jackson’s music video “In the Closet”. I feel incredibly blessed many years later to now have had the opportunity of drawing her. Over two thousand photographic images studied and countless video footages watched. I felt I had a sufficient amount of material to capture Naomi Campbell in a way I felt depicted the essence of her beauty outwardly as well as within.


Graphite & Charcoal pencils on Archival Paper - 70.5 x 54cm

It’s always difficult for me to let go of one of my drawings. With the time and energy invested it’s inevitable that a connection and an attachment will be formed. Each portrait drawing takes a month on average to complete. 8 to 14 hours a day (100+ hours total). This drawing in particular took over 200 hours and was drawn during a period of immeasurable change in my personal life.
I am tremendously grateful to have been commissioned to draw this woman. This drawing was made with love so I trust that love and light will be added unto the home it now resides.

KO and Naomi framed BW

"L U C I D"


For a long while now I’ve been experiencing some truly sublime dreams. Around the age of 23 I bought a little journal and avidly decided to write down each vivid dream I had as soon as I woke up. Several years following I continued to do so until quite recently I stopped. I was no longer able to differentiate a dream from reality. Both worlds felt like a dream in which I was completely aware of my breathing and fully aware of my conduct in any environment I found myself in.
The only small difference is, I’m flying around publicly in one than the



94_jpegGraphite & Charcoal on paper - 65 x 52cm

Photographic references are a necessary guide for me when developing tangible visual ideas to draw from. But my original point of creative development is usually formed first in a vivid dream - the source of all my artistic creativity.
During the process of creation, reference photos become less relevant and later abandoned. There’s a flow which happens naturally and organically when I’m in the zone drawing. So much so that before tangible references and concepts were established, the initial depicted expression of a subject model seen in a dream illuminates and reveals the true image I wanted to capture in the first place.

Lucid and Reference

The drawing is titled “Lucid” and you can see the entire Stages of Evolution here LUCID. To inquire about this piece:


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