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Kelvin Okafor Art
12 July 2015
King Balthazar at Bruce Castle Museum
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Firstly, a big warm virtual hug to all of you! It's been quite a surreal year to say the least. A lot has taken place within my art life. From new series of portrait drawings to traveling to new places in the world. Thank you for hanging around and following this crazy journey of mine. I love and appreciate you all!

Earlier this year I was commissioned by The Parochial Church Council of St Bartholomew on Stamford, London to draw one of the Wise Men Balthazar from the Biblical Magi. Balthazar was one of the Wise Men who gave the gift of Myrrh to Christ at Birth. I was so thrilled to embark on this project.
The composition of the drawing was exploring the moment Balthazar sees the Christ Child and pays homage. I was pleased when my old classmate from secondary school, Darcy Pelovangu,
accepted my request for modeling him as King Balthazar. As soon as I was given the idea of what Balthazar would look like, my friend immediately came to mind. It was quite the coincidence to know he played King Balthazar at his school play as a child.

A big shout out to all my St Ignatius Brethrens! A.M.D.G!

King Balthazar-King Balthazar

Drawn on a scale of 100 x 70cm (39 x 28in) on Lambeth Drawing Cartridge Paper 170gsm. Medium: Graphite/Charcoal/Black colour pencil 

It's quite the honour to know that this drawing will be the 21st century interpretation of King Balthazar as a young African man.

This drawing will be exhibited among 700 years of Art, Crafts & Architecture from Haringey Churches at Bruce Castle Museum in London.
The exhibitions runs from 12th July to 4th October 2015. Wednesday to Sunday - 1pm to 5pm . Entrance Free. 


Bruce Castle Museum
Lordship Lane
N17 8NU.

For more information:

Trip To I T A L Y

I was chosen in May by David A. Bailey and Nicola Green to be apart of a project taking BME artist and curators to this year's Venice Biennale. It was an incredibly fantastic experience which was set up by David A. Bailey and his oraganisation the ICF - International Curators Forum.

A group of artists and curators I shared my lovely trip with

So many amazing Pavilions I had the opportunity to visit. One Pavilion I really took a great liking to was the Japanese Pavilion. The display by Chiharu Shiota called "The Key In The Hand" left my speechless.

IMG_6820Display by Chiharu Shiota called "The Key In The Hand"

A Post-Biennale Event was held after the Venice trip on 3rd June 2015 hosted by MP David Lammy at the House of Commons. All the participants such as the curators, art professionals, the Arts Council and British Council were to be hosted at the House of Commons.


A very big thank you to David A. Bailey, the ICF International Curators Forum, Nicola Green, David Lammy and all who helped make this trip possible. I was deeply inspired and grateful for that experience. It was magical!

Trip To G E R M A N Y

Faber-Castell have invited me to attend an Award Ceremony/Exhibition in Stein, Germany. Whilst I'm there I will be visiting their HQ including a tour of the pencil production, their Historic Museum and the Faber- Castell Castle!

I'm truly thrilled and delighted to know that one of my favourite pencil brands have been following my art journey! I fly out to Germany on the 16th of this month. For more information on the event I will be attending click on the image below:

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I N T E R L U D E  S E R I E S

I have embarked on a new series portraits entitled "Interlude Series". Interludes are normally associated with music - moments or intervals of short pieces inserted between parts or sections of larger production. Just like the interval of large performance, I'm exploring the break or breathing space of moments we may describe as 'Reflection', 'Solitude' or 'Meditation'.

Below are progress shots of three Interlude portraits I've completed. Click on the images to view their Stages of Evolution.

Maya's Interlude
Medium: Graphite, Charcoal and a black colour pencil on Lambeth Drawing Cartridge Paper 170gsm. Scale: 73 x 70cm

121Jasmin's Interlude
Medium: Graphite, Charcoal and a black colour pencil on Lambeth Drawing Cartridge Paper 170gsm. Scale: 74 x 55cm

Mana's Interlude
Medium: Graphite, Charcoal and a black colour pencil on Lambeth Drawing Cartridge Paper 170gsm. Scale: 77.5 x 68cm

For inquires please contact the Albemarle Gallery:
Address: 49 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4JR

Back To Where It all Started
St Ignatius College Asemble Gifts - July 10th 2015 3

Morning of 10th July I had the pleasure of visiting my old secondary school, St Ignatius 6th Form College and gave a little speech during the morning assemble. I gifted the school with two of my Limited Edition Prints of the late Heroic Stephen Sutton and the Noble soul that was Mother Teresa.

It's such a surreal feeling to once again visit the grounds I spent most of my younger years. The welcome and the praise left me speechless and almost brought me to tears. I was particularly emotional do to the fact that whilst I was schooling there, I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be coming back to visit being in the position I am today. I wasn't the most academic nor was I the most popular of talented. But what that school instilled within me were morals and values that encouraged and lifted me to greater heights despite not conscientiously knowing whilst I was there.

I'm very thankful for my time and experience at St Ignatius. I wish every student there and every student all over the world all the very best in your future endevours. We unfortunately live in a world that designs us to live on the surface and focus on things that aren't from within. I hope and pray that you fight against this and have the courage to live out your dreams. ‪
#AMDG Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam!

Identity Series - Prizes - Copy 3
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