Masak|Masak - Malaysian Eatery - Wed. 4th Feb 5-10pm
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masak | masak
[mah-sah-k | mah-sah-k] - origin: malaysia
1. to cook (verb); pl. a child's imaginative game of cooking
2. emily lai's exquisite malaysian inspired cuisine

WED | FEB | 4TH | 2015

STUFFED TOFU CURRY WITH MATOU BREAD                             8
shrimp | long beans| scallion | chili | coconut

CHAWANMUSHI                                                                          5
vital farm egg | shallot | sesame oil

NASI ULAM                                                                                13
rice | kaffir | shallots | betel leaves |vietnamese mint | okra | sambal belacan
                   BEBEK BENGIL                                                                          18
                            duck, 3 ways  | tumeric | ginger | rice | sambal matah
                  'ICE CREAM' PUDDING                                                               5
                          tapioca | st. benoit milk | vital farm egg
                  A SELECTION OF WINES BTG                                                     10    

the story:
i had the great fortune of meeting emily when i was living in manhattan at the west village restaurant, fatty crab, when it had first opened. emily would make these delicious little bites called 'mochi cake', that instantly became a staple on fatty's menu after chef zak pelaccio tasted them & fortunately, she would always share them with me. we became fast friends and as fate would have it, a few years later, we both ended up in san francisco and in russian hill. not only is emily an exceptionally talented chef, she is truly one of the most humbly sincere, hardest working, mother to twins and wife, as well as one of my dearest friends - as she says 'i have a desire to work' and she means it - and 'i just want people to enjoy good food'. many of her dishes take days and weeks to prep. the outcome is beyond outstanding and seriously some of, if not - the best asian inspired cuisine i have ever had. here is a sampling of what is to come...
* menu items are a la carte and a selection of wine by the glass will be available
salute | sorakan!
IMG_0875 IMG_0881 IMG_0888 IMG_0890 IMG_0906
Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and raised in the restaurant business, Emily officially began her restaurant career in New York City. Working exclusively for chef Zak Pelaccio, she opened and managed both Fatty Crab and 230 Fifth for him. At Sam Mason's Tailor, also in New York City, Emily was a member of the opening team before becoming a manager. After returning to San Francisco, she worked as Catering Coordinator for Memphis Minnie’s BBQ before starting Covered Dish Productions catering company with her current Executive Chef & Co-Owner, Jon Rietz, and later on opened Cedar Hill: Kitchen and Smokehouse, a Southern restaurant with a specialty in Southern BBQ. She currently owns The Rib Whip, two Southern BBQ food trucks. 

masak|masak @biondivino

wednesday february 4th from 5-10 PM

1415 green street @ polk, san francisco

(seating on first come availability)

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